Better throttle performance through more responsive ramping

Is your accelaration as good as the GT now?

Wonder what the setting on the Vesx X is on the Raptor2 ?, which from tests i’ve seen on youtube accelarates faster that the GT ?

Settings for the raptor 2 are…

Motor max 60 Motor min -60 Battery Max 30 Battery Min -8

My board doesn’t out accelerate the GT or Raptor 2 as my kv is too high and my motors are shorter than both the aforementioned boards. Though my board does go faster than both. The acceleration on mine is definitely enough for me though, and the max current ramp step adjustment did help with that.

For a fair test each would have to be geared for same Top Speed maybe?

For a test of acceleration? Yea I’d agree. I had 190’s on there before but swapped them out for 230’s a couple months ago. I really want to see a dual 6374 170/190kv build go against the Raptor 2.

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so making the max current ramp 0.08 will make my board accelerate to max faster is that what it is? Will this help with the motor not starting from still or starting really hard ?? or for that i only need to play with startup boost ?

What would be good values for both so i can start faster at street lights ?

Thank you

If you want to start smoothly from standstill you’ll need sensors. It’ll help with response time for fast acceleration. With .08 value you’ll acclerate from 0 to 80 amps in 1 second.

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Out of curiosity - what setup do you ride these days? Sounds like dual 230kV’s on 10S? I’m currently on a single SK3 245kV on 8S. Feels great to start with. I’ll upgrade it to focbox later on, maybe add 2S to it or even go 192kV route. But 245kV on 10S with focbox might be quite a ride :slight_smile: I’ll probably ramp it up to .08 for a more responsive acceleration.

yep dual 230kv on 10s. It puts me right at the erpm limit. You may go over with 245kv, but who knows maybe the focbox can take it.

I actual want to do a 12s4p dual 6374 190kv build for maximum torque

I’ll definitely limit it to 60,000 erpm if I go down that route or else that transistor should do it’s job protecting the DRV’s.

Well, idea of adding another 4S to the build on dual sensored 190 kV with focboxes, 12mm drives, 210mm trucks and 97 abecs is a right way to wet them pants. :slight_smile: Maybe even lower kV for 12S? like 170?

That’s an option, you can always compensate for lower kv with more aggressive gearing for better top speed.

Cool, if the VESC’s had more horse power I’d give them a go. My scorpion speed controllers have a similar function “MAT= MOTOR ACCELERATION TIME DELAY: 1: 0.15 Seconds* (recommend for AIR 2), 2: 0.3 Seconds, 3: 0.45 Seconds, 4: 0.7 Seconds, 5: 1.3 Seconds” essentially it takes the selected amount of time to deliver the change in throttle position…