Beware of motors with this common design

I have been using these motors for a few months now and have multiple failures in the exact same location both after only 1 month of use. The spot where you screw in the motor to the mount is too thin and not supported enough on 2 of the 4 screws. This broke off both motors you can see below:

I think the best mounting plate design is full metal without spaces, like Ollin or Alien or @michaeld33 Bitblock custom motors. Also sk3 has a sturdy mounting plate.

Whoever is getting these motors made for them in china should have them change this design to be fully metal all around without so much space in between.

Were all 4 screws were screwed in with loctite?

yes sir!!!

I have a similar NTM motor with over a year of use, no issues. Did the other screws vibrate out, or how did this fail? I would rotate, re-secure w/ the remaining 3 and continue riding… and use loctite if you didn’t previously.

I’m going to check out my old red NTM which looks identical for any cracks - GL!

All screws were tight with loctite. I check before and after every ride :wink:

I notice the location of the broken screw was on the the side of the motor that was facing the street. Maybe this can happen to the bottom facing screw hole if it gets impacted by rocks and is thin like this. maybe you have the thicker screw holes facing down instead and havent had this issue. Just thinking…

Anyways this problem wouldn’t ever be possible if the metal had less space in between.

These look like the same motors on @jlabs group buy?

Thanks for sharing. Our motors have the exact same design. We discussed it briefly in the team and we are not sure what could be the reason. We are ideating around the material, casting, wrong screws/mounting etc. Tomorrow we will film an attempt to replicate, or test the strength of our motors with some pliers, cutters and muscle force.

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Glad your making an effort to get to the bottom of this. Waiting for your results

Can you take another picture from the side and maybe a closeup?

Wow dude … I have never seen this happen…crazy the piece of motor is still attached

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Mike runs a heavy 20/36 gearing so my guess is that the constantly high heat mixed with the harsh vibrations of the 97mm flywheel clones wore the metal down and eventually snapped it. I wonder if anyone with @torqueboards motors had had this issue.

Yes the gearing is difficult on the system. But those 6364 motors only get warm after very intense riding. Never hot. But yes the vibrations are intense also.

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Ah yes I guess we also have to consider the sheer torque of such a lower reduction gearing system. It must put a lot of constant force on the motor.

I broke one of tb’s motors like this, but i smashed it against a side walk. Took out a magnet during the process.

I don’t think the root cause is conclusive at this point, missing some puzzle pieces here.

@Jinra Our motors don’t have this issue. The motor housing is actually really thick. We also have less holes on the motor casing design. 5mm thick for the mounting area.


Is that a Maytech motor…? Looks very VERY similar!

It could be that when tightening those bolt, the pressure was not identical. One bolt is locked down hard one after another and not all 4 simultaneously, if you know what I mean. But anyway it’s true that it seems to be a weak point. It’s an RC motor for 3kg weight toys and not 60kg++ load.

@Mikeomania12 Where are you located? We are really interested in investigating your motor. Would you be interested in shipping us one of your broken motors in exchange for a new motor from us? We want to see how our motor stand in your setup. Also can we use your video and photos in our testing video?

Quick update on the testing: we have finished filming the destroy attempt. The sad part is that the video file got corrupted. We managed to save 85% of it. We will try to fix the remaining part. If we fail we will just upload the stuff we have.

Stay tuned.