Beware of motors with this common design

@Mikeomania12 Where are you located? We are really interested in investigating your motor. Would you be interested in shipping us one of your broken motors in exchange for a new motor from us? We want to see how our motor stand in your setup. Also can we use your video and photos in our testing video?

Quick update on the testing: we have finished filming the destroy attempt. The sad part is that the video file got corrupted. We managed to save 85% of it. We will try to fix the remaining part. If we fail we will just upload the stuff we have.

Stay tuned.


I use a similar motor but size is 6364 which obviously would have more material than say 5055. Like in photo mine has also taken a beating and still no issues.


I’m in NYC. That really cool of you. I would gladly send it to you and test yours in my setup. yes you can use my video and pictures.

I wonder if your motor mount is bent or that mount point is somehow off plane with the rest of the mount points. The fact that the failure is exactly the same both times and no one else (that I know of) has had this issue leads me to be suspicious that something is going on here not related to the motor?

I could see where a constant upward pressure on that part of the motor would eventually cause the metal to fatigue and separate.

Everything is aligned i check meticulously before every ride. I have had issues with this before and i’m very aware of it now. I assure everyone my mount is aligned and the pulleys are centered. I was thinking the belt might be a little tight. But the motor spins freely and isn’t held back by the tightness.

Every time I think it could be my fault i remember that this problem happens twice in the same exact spot and nothing like this every happened to my sk3. This happened probably for the same reasons my mounts cracked also. The manufacture puts too many holes in the metal it will not hold.

Bottom line is beware of thin metal and too many holes in anything you use.

Just a side note. Also check what @chaka had to say about running 63mm motors on any mount currently for sale. Every one he had has snapped like mine.

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Damn dude, that’s a lot of broken mounts. Do you ride cobblestone streets? what kind of trucks are you running? I’m tempted to send you one of my mounts just to see if it can survive the gauntlet :slight_smile:

Are you going to replace those motors with same or go to a different brand? In looking back at the photos you originally posted that is a badly designed bell.

Is the bell replaceable or are the motors toast?

i just ran through MayTech’s catalog… those are totally maytech OEM motors. They’ll do a lot of things for you at the 10-20 qty range and they’ll do even more for you at the 100+ quantity range. I’ve spoken with them in the past about OEMing motors from them. A LOT of people do this because they will do laser etching of your design into the can, keyways, snap ring grooves, color anodize, hall sensors, just about everything, and they’ll do just about everything but color anodize in short runs.

I’ve never seen motors break like this though, that’s really weird. Of course I’ve never used Maytech motors either. I’m still not convinced they’re of any reliable quality.

Yup a lot of broken mounts frustration and wasted time!! That’s only like half of them :disappointed: I resorted to making my own mount made in fully from steel

I ride everything NYC has to offer. Not too much cobblestone though. They are caliber v2 trucks. I do ride very hard, strong acceleration and braking. I would be down to test your mount.

I’m going to go with a different brand I think. most of the parts are easily replaceable except the part that broke. the motors are totally fine but with the mounting plates reduced strength and only 3 screw holes left to use, I think i have to get new motors.

Even Tacon and Rspec has that endbell…Never happened to me or anyone I ride with.

I’m thinking it has to do with something else entirely.

Could be vibration/heavy/cobble stone?

Belt always adjusted too tight?

Contact with truck/deck/road?

Overtorquing all of your hardware? Do you use loctite yet rather than just leaning into your wrench?

Maybe even manufacturing defects in specific batches.


Ever since your mount broke i have been careful not to over torque anything and i always use loctite as stated above.

Maybe tight belt i was thinking also. but my other motor (sk3) is running same tightness and nothing happen to it. NYC has the shittiest streets ever so it could be that. I don’t really ride on cobblestone. Never any contact with the road as i could tell by not seeing any scuff marks on the motor.
Maybe a manufacture defect. They are the same manufacture of TB motors and zboard and metroboard. They did have other defects in previous motors i got from them. like cir-clips that wouldn’t stay on and wrong length bell that kept moving…

Either way i would expect the motors and motor mounts to be strong enough to handle all these conditions. They should be way stronger than we need. Not just strong enough to hold under ideal conditions. The clear weak point is the thin metal where the screw is and it is a common enough problem (under some hard conditions) since it happened twice in exact same location.

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Pretty good chance my mount will fail under your conditions, but I’m interested enough to send you one - what is the distance center to center of your bolt pattern?

The design of mine is exactly the opposite - I went with softer aluminum so it can flex a little bit under stress. That might save the bell, but could also be prone to belt skip under harsh acceleration and braking. I use chain drive so I don’t have that issue.

I have the standard holes like TB motors. If its compatible send it over to be destroyed lol jk maybe it will survive :wink:

NOTE: The video’s audio is out of sync

Hey folks.

So I finally uploaded the video of the motor destruction. Now as you may remember our video file got corrupted and we have only manage to recover 90% of the video. However the audio is out of sync.

So here it is!

It’s sad I could not sync the audio. Hope you will like it guys!


Guys… get a vise for gods sake! Also, another thing that hasn’t been mentioned is plastic thermal stress, that can cause thin aluminium castings to become brittle. Also @Mikeomania12 could you post a closeup of the broken part and the area where it snapped, it would be good to see if there’s any pores in the casting.

Thank you. Almost every motor i’ve ever used has that bell design and none of them have ever broken that way. In fact the only damage i’ve ever seen to a motor is yanked out phase leads.

This kind of damage has to be the result of special circumstances and i’d love to know what they are. Or it is the result of a bad batch of motors with shitty aluminum.


NYC streets are unforgiving.

…just like everything else in the city :stuck_out_tongue:

Trust me…The Santa Ana riverbed has a blend of anything NYC could throw at a board and we ride our boards there all the time.

The difference is that you guys in Cali go to places to skate where pavement like NYC, we ride to places that are like Cali’s endless run of the mill smooth streets! ha ha ha!


Ok sorry been super busy this weekend, @ccostel thanks for the video and your test to break it. I think you should screw it to a mount and then try to pull it off.

@chinzw I dont know about thermal stress since the motor never gets hot. But view the close up below.

New updates are that I have broken a third motor with a similar design from the same manufacturer. Im getting a better idea of what causes this since i was able to brake this motor in just a few rides.

First common issue with these 3 motors out of the box, they make a weird screeching (that isnt the normal one) while braking very hard. sounds like magnets rubbing the stator for a short time till i lay off the brakes. So i decided to keep doing this and short stop more often. The sound was constantly only during strong braking. Then the next day i realized that the place where its usually breaks is becoming uneven/bent a little.

Next day I had to short stop on some cobblestone. (which i rarely ever ride on since i’ve memorized all the newly paved streets) Then I checked the motor to see if it survived. Sure enough the piece was completely broken now.

My theory is that under hard braking with low gearing and strong vibrations and tight enough belt is enough to bend the motor “can” so that its magnets rub the stator and make a weird noise. This constant bending and pulling on the motor as well as the weight of this heavy motor being pulled towards the ground during vibrations will eventually fatigue the weakest point being the motor cap that hold the motor to the mount. It need to be stronger since this part is the only thing attaching the motor to the mount and must withstand all these forces.