BFB (Black Friday Build) | Hummie Deck + Bigben enclosure | FSESC 6.6 D or S | Surf Rodz Rkp | TB 6374 x2 | 12s4p 30q | 97 mm flywheels

So this is gonna be my first build after my evolve upgrade which is on hold right now cause I’m waiting on a repair FSESC from Flipsky. I felt Black Friday would be an excellent time to start my first real build cause of all the discount goodness going around. Please feel free to critique the shit out of this setup.

TB Trucks will be sold as I just purchased a set op Surf Rodz RKP.

Below a build order list with some accurate, some guesstimated and some way-off prices.



Looks good. Just consider changing the pulleys and mount. Because they are not made for tb218, they are not mirrored. Check EU vendors for great mounts and pulleys.

Thanks for the suggestion. I already ordered the HB King stuff too, it was sooo cheap. I’m gonna see if it fits well on the TB mounts. If it doesn’t I’ll look into others like markmt88 mounts.

I would get something EU local from Electric board solutions Street wing Eskating Unik Alien power system

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I’d dump those mounts in favour of some that works (I’m not even sure you’re allowed to call those mounts)

I’d swap that flipsky 6.6 for two focboxes on sale, less money and more secure. -

I’d get push fit bearing pulleys locally on sale from electriclongboardsolutions - far superior in every way and cheap as hell on presale -

I’d get belts, motor pulley, wheels and mounts from there while you’re at it, all in sale:

Note: I personally don’t like those mounts but they work. These from eskating are sexy but pricey compared to what you are looking at now. Perhaps ask on the forum for mounts though because there’s a load of people switching away from caliber profile trucks and mounts are everywhere. Hell I have a set of these eskating ones in a box brand new, a set of street wing ones unused and some other misc ones. I’m just one example:

I’d get a remote that works (Nano X is a winning remote reskinned, search the forums and you will find it’s problematic to say the least) - Mini RC is flawless. Maytech if you like a thumb control.

Bearings from Amazon, super redz perhaps? Much better deals and free delivery.

Off the top of my head ^


This :arrow_up:

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On the positive side, your deck and enclosure choices are top notch sexy :smiley:

You’ll struggle to get 50 cells into the hummie with a 6.6 dual however, 48 is a squeeze. If you don’t mind kissing the top and bottom of the cut out you can get them in with focboxes and tidy wiring.

While you’re considering parts I’d look at a push to start antispark from @Martinsp - they are on sale atm and it’s such a convenient way to use your board.


Excellent advice. Thanks for adding the links too. Im going shopping there today too. Didn’t realize their stuff was this cheap.

So I ordered the Flipsky 6.6 dual because it’s based on 6.6 and ppl have generally had favorable reviews. Besides, when the one I ordered for my evolve upgrade turned out faulty, they sent me a new one immediately.

The biggest upgrade is that I just purchased a set of RKP trucks! Gonna order @psychotiller’s motor mounts to go with them :).



What size axels are those? You typically need 80 or 90mm. Ask Dave (tiller) for advice on your setup. He’s got axels.

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I asked at the shop. These are 80mm axles (supposedly standard). Gonna take out the measurement tape to confirm.

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Sweet. It’ll look amazing.

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Need 80mm axles


Standard is 75mm. They xwould have had to ask for 80

With only two full spacers the shafts are probably 60mm. :face_with_raised_eyebrow: Unless you already used 4 of them for bearing spacers?

That’s what a 80mm axel looks like on a tkp, yours looks much shorter.

Similar build to yours on the way out of interest.


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Yeah, they’re too short. I will have to get new ones. You got 4 extra to go with the mounts :P?


Maaaaaybe? :rofl:

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Pleeeeaaaaaase :joy:

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yep, thanks for the reference, mine are too short