Big Bad E-MTB - FLAMPA - Leopard 8072 - MAX6 - 9Inch Striker

Building a new Board with the Leopards i tested last weeks on this build: viewtopic.php?f=35&t=79525

Its an mix of Parts from Trampa and from Flame. Mountainboarding guys call it FLAMPA

Its an 16PLY Holypro Deck from Trampa and the Trucks are the Dirtpipe-V2 from Flame.

I use the Leopards with Hobbywing MAX6 Esc´s, ISO-05 Chaindrive with a reduction from 10:50, Cryptic hubs and 9Inch Striker Tires. Powered with 8S 10000mAh 40C SLS Lipos.

Have a look on the first mock up of the Parts:

Keep you updated… Jenso


wow that is impressive. what are the parts in the first photo?

Thx. These are the adapters for the Leopard Motor. To reduce the bolting circle to fit my mounts, also its usefull because you dont have to shorten the motorshaft.

I thought that might have been the case but I couldn’t see them in the other photos… I think i can see them now…

Yes you are right, they are hidden very well (-;

Dang. I just GGTFA’d out loud. (Good God That’s Fucking Awesome)

OOH dat is BAD ass

Maybe even more sick and badass if you compare the motorsize to an Rspec 6372-190KV



@Nowind i know you like to use the hobbywings. what do you think about the TB 12s esc?

I would like to test them. I know many people like them alot.

Got a Rc plate made out of 3mm carbon for mounting the MAX6 and a waterproof Traxxas reciever box. Just have to drill 3XM4 treads in the deck, really easy.

Its light and compact, and the MAX6 comes as waterproof so no need for more (-; Hang Loose Jenso


Hey Jenso that looks awesome! Your manufacturing skills are first class. Just wondering if you did it again would you go the same again or a 10s with torqueboards esc and why? Also do you think these motors are overkill or would you do it again? Thanks Shane

I love the 'low tech" you can always have all the luxury , but when you race all the exrta goes to trash and you use what has been proven to work in harcore weather.

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Thank you Shane At the moment i would go the same way. Because the Hobbywing perform extremly nice, are waterproof and IMO bulletproof.

I´m interrested to test the torqueboards esc´s, but i dont have them here.

I got the Board running since today :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: and yes they are a bit overkill but a good overkill. This means that they startup really smooth, better then everything else i ever testet! Even on inclines its better then my other setups.

But be aware to be extremly sensitive on the trigger ! Have to say i run it on max agressive Setups, highest Punchlevel and Brakelevel.

I would say these motors are interresting for heavier riders, people who wanna ride under extrem conditions and Torque junkies :imp:

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Yeah thats it, reduce on what is really needet. Not more!

Mounted the electronics today and do the first testruns.

I´m really impressed how the new components perform. I never was a friend of 9Inch wheels, but i have to say that it´s really nice to ride with them.

The performance is brutal, geared for 45kmh on max aggresive Punchlevel, it kicks your ass.

Need some more runs to finetune the trucks. First they where to stiff, then i changed the “elastomere” now its on high speed a little bit loose. But i´m on the right way.

The board is good to control in drifts and wheelies, for the first runs i´m really happy with it.

Hang Loose Jenso


Jenso That thing looks fun, your build looks really good! I want to know if you would do the 9" tire again? Also do you notice a weight difference?

Hey. Thanks mate. From the first runs i like them really. Yes there is a big wheight difference! Compared to the really light 8inch Alpha Lite about 1KG for a complete set.

sick power :fearful:

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Hey Jenso Would you say using these motors is a big range killer or do they get the job done easier so economy is close to using say 6374? Thanks Shane