Big Cell Voltage Difference! + first ride :)

Good news and bad news

Good: I used my electric skateboard for the first time which was amazing! so fun

Bad news: When it ran out of battery I checked the voltage of each cell and they were very different ranging from 3.08v - 3.2v. I did not charge my lipos before, I used them from the charge they were shipped at. did I make a huge mistake? did I fuck up my lipos? please help. I have ordered an Imax b6 but that won’t be here for at least a week!

Did you even set up your esc?

it came pre-setup its one of the eBay dual motor escs (I am on a budget and its got great reviews and feedback)

All i can think of doing is waiting for the imax b6 and doing a balance charge

Charge them. Go for a test ride. Check for abnormalities. Rinse and repeat.

Thats what I was hoping all I will need to do. Its not another week atleast still I get my Imax B6 charger

You must wait for the IMax If you dont have a balance charger yet. Do not Try to charge them without a balance charger!

Also, dont drain your lipos lower than 3.6v/cell. It will damage them in the long run

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Don’t do that!!!

Do what? 10 char

I was going to have a low voltage cut-off at 3.2v?

No. Set it at 3.6

I don’t think I can. the esc is not programable

Sorry, was impulsive response, don’t charge it and try again, don’t do that. You can balance your lipos manually with a light bulb, then after that, charge normally and measure before ride and of course after. Good luck!

hmmm light bulb? interseting… can I use a RGB light bulb!

Whatever, if it drain your cells, but keep checking voltages

wait where you serious about the lighbulb

You can balance them now with a lightbulb, but you’ll Still need a BALANCE charger, When charging them up again.

you are definitely messing about using a light bulb that cant work :stuck_out_tongue:

For sure, reading again your post, what I recommend, charge your batteries until the lowest cell goes to 3,6v and then manually discharge all the other cells to 3’6v, then they are balanced, start charging and control voltage in each cell

Well I dont think there will be a need for using a lightbulb the IMAX B6 can discharge