Big cell voltage difference. HELP!

I fully charged my LiPos about a week and a half ago expecting to go to work the next day. But due to where I work and weather my work was canceled for a week and a half so my electric skateboard was sitting there fully charged for that long.

Now I went to work today and i just put it on charge(IMAX B6) and it usually charges at 2.4a but it was only charging at 0.2a so I checked the battery voltages and this was it 1531491435199283651356the 6th cell was fully charges while the other 5 where only 4.0v each. This obviously isn’t good.

Any ideas how this happened or what i should do. Currently im just letting it charge at 0.2a and hope the imax b6 balances it all out

Step one, never leave lipo charged like that.

After this you have a couple options. You can go ride down the battery a little bit. Not super far but enough to drain all the cells. Then try balance charging again.

Another option is make a small pin connector you can plug into that individual cell from the balance plug. Then discharge it to same voltage as others.

Your charger currently is sensing Max voltage from one cell so it has lowered the overall charge voltage.

I’d go ride it down a little then try again. Honestly your voltages are going to be close. Off the charger

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I saw what u did there…

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Whatcha do

Im at work now I can’t go ride. I just let it charge its evened out a bit now. 4.11-4.18