Big chain sprocket for 97mm wheels?

As an upgrade I decided to change my board to chain drive (personal reasons, don’t get along with belts). Had a cheap eBay chain kit and only now realised that it doesn’t really work with 97mm flywheels - width of big sprocket is too small and it kind of ‘sinks’ in the wheel not leaving space to put chain on + holes didn’t have thread for bolts and it being made of standard indestroyable Chinese steel i broke 2 thread maker thingies.

Is there some kit or at least big sprocket I can buy that works with 97mm wheels (original flywheels) without heavy modifications on it?

Can yo please let me know if you find anything ? I hate belts too and I’m using 107mm wheels

I will try to remember, but so far can’t really find anything, probably will try to find somebody with CNC machine to make a custom one.

@Shahar9320 @karosass1

wheel chain pulley

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this does not work with 97mm wheels as the pulley… is wider than the wheel eheh :slight_smile:

I don’t know if there is an interest to make sprockets for street wheels; let me know I look at make small batch !

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@okp no but they do custom creations

what would you charge + shipping to Minneapolis, Minnesota

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Would be interested as well, since making custom one through a company would be pain and more expensive

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tell me what you need and I’ll design/quote it!

I’ll buy a set too if you’re selling

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Sprockets for 97mm flywheels?

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yes a 97mm flywheel sprocket were rly nice, which is compatible with cailber axles.


how many teeth ? ISO4B or 6B? I have to check what is achievable


I sent you some info in private message about some minor details. Although I’m not sure what you mean by ISO4b and 6B, all i can find on google are electric relays with these keywords.

haha an iso 6 would look sick on a streetboard!

Imo iso b6 is too big but it wont hurt to usr it :smiley:

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Put some bolts through with ‘sleeves’ over the bolts between the sprocket and the inside of the hub at the length that you want it to stick out from the hub… Like spacers…

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I did this too but I used some 45mm od washers, then drilled the same hole pattern.



I wanted to do this with my Chinese pulley, but holes weren’t threaded and m4 while I only had m5 screws which are long enough, tried make threads, broke the thread making drill and it got stuck inside.

This made me consider to look for pulley prepared to be used with 97mm wheels

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