Big Deck or EVO top&bottom mount battery

just never saw anyone do it and so i tought maybe it has a reason

I think @Battosaii fit a 12s8p in that enclosure. That’s over 90 cells you could do a 10s9p

Probably just because it doesn’t look clean is the only reason people aren’t doing it


yes, he did i’ll try to do that too

but it’s still not enough for my plans

that makes sense

Not an evo but it has the zame profiles. That Apache case hold an 8s3p lipo using 6 4s, plus an anti spark and focbox. All nice and snug. 1226182047a_Film1


only fixed by the belt? which apache is it?

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Yez sir. Strap is all.

@directC Its an 1800 series. Find them on Amazon if you’re interested.


is your board also 4wd?

i can easily get 80km range on my board. my group averages 20 miles on rides and i tend to ride fast if i start with 100% battery after 20 miles i usually have 74-78% battery left at the end of the ride, in fact i dont fully charge my battery anymore i charge it to about 80% now to conserve the battery.


You can mount the vescs on the truck mounting areas. I recall @kug3lis mounting it that way. You’ll just be doing it on both ends

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nice thanks

btw, are those wheels worth it? does it make a difference to normal wheels?

btw if you go with a unity in 2wd set up you can fit a 12s10p in the enclosure

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initially yes

that sounds exactly how i want it to sound :star_struck::star_struck::star_struck::star_struck:

isn’t it worse for the battery if you don’t fully charge it?

batteries have a much longer lifespan if you keep it in the 80-30% range no more no less

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:heart_eyes: i either pack one in the bottom and one in the top casing or mount both on the trucks, depending on waterproofnes of everything

Wheels are wheels to me lol. But having these, you ha e to treat them like vehicle tires. Rotate rotate rotate lol. As per the wheel and riding, I do like them but they are a little too hard for me. Then again that could just be Denver cracks lol. They aren’t that good in AT settings. Like hard packed dirt they can handle. But sticks, rocks of the sorts will ause them to let go of traction. If say more low cut grass and dirt trails they are good for an semi AT wheel.

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not droping them too low i already knew, but last thing i remember was that you should charge fully but that’s already some time ago

weight plays a part in this too how much do you weigh? at 300lbs im one of the heaviest guys on the forum and i still get this range.

fully charging once in a while allows you to balance the cells and should be done every so often

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only 60 kg, so about 130lbs