Big moving sale heaps of components 4 sale

Gd day everybody. I have been a long time lurker in this forum and with all various topics floating around in this forum I was able to build a few eBoards here. I am soon moving back to Europe (from Taiwan) and I would like to lessen the load, so stuff I do not need anymore is now for sale. Most of the stuff is brand new, never used or only used a couple of times.

Things include brushless motors, trucks, wheels, connectors, belts, motor pulleys, wheel pulleys etc…you can download the pdf (yardsale.pdf) from my dropbox account: if you have any questions or an offer I can’t refuse, do drop me a line or email me ([email protected]). Cheers Timo

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nice! thats lots of stuff :monkey:

I’m from Eu, is it possible to get it shipped from within eu, instead of paying the tax/shipping from taiwain?

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XIII, hi there. Unfortunately not. Everything would have to be shipped from Taiwan. Unless you could wait until mid January. I will then be in Switzerland. Best if you could pm me and let me know what you are interested in.

nothing specific, but you prices are pretty good for the motors. And you can never have to many spares :wink: taxes/shipping would up the price too much though

yea - id’ be happy to wait to Jan for some stuff as well, if the shipping can be reduced.

you are absolutely right. shipping and taxes are a pain. I could let you know in case I have a friend of mine who travels to Europe earlier.

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any ideas on shipping costs for your enclosures? they’re light, so should be relatively affordable?

where would you need it being shipped to?

sorry, good point. UK, London!

ok, let me check tomorrow. were you referring to pack 004, 005 or 006?

005 mainly.

does 006 have a lip / flange, for screws / attaching? if so, then that too.

006 does not have a flange for screws.

Cool. How do you attach to the board then?

Hi, i would like to buy 4 motors (022,023,024,025). But i think the Taxes and shipping would be way to much. (I live in Germany) But i can wait untill you are back in Switzerland.

Are any of those trampa superstar wheels?

I think Trampa uses carbon fiber wheels. This ones are hard plastic. look into the pdf

How much for shipping to U.S.? I’d take two of the motors (any of the packs 022-032)!

Hi. Interested in the aluminium enclosure. Off road kit and mountain board trucks. Still available?

interested in pack 18 shipped to u.s.