Big or Small tires ?!?

I am trying to decide between 6 inch airless tires or the80 mm orangutan wheels. Obviously the all-terrain tires have a much higher top speed and the orangutan wheels have a much better acceleration. However, is the increased stability and maneuverability worth the decrease in range ? On the other hand, is the better street feel and carving ability worth the slower speed? I’ve got a 10s5p dual 270kv belt system and right now what I’m looking at the AT wheels would have plastic sprockets and I could find aluminum kegel sprockets easy. Any thoughts, suggestions, helpful advice, or alternatives? Let me know!

Honestly - it depends on your ride preference… however for acceleration purposes I would advise lower kv motors if you want to use 6 inch tires

I guess the sweet spot is somewhere in the middle? The orangantang kegels are only 80mm, which in my opinion is small.

Riding at 73mm is a deathwish on most roads, small debry, holes and other impurities in the road can halt the board to easily or make it unstable.

I’m riding at 90mm and it’s OK, not to shabby. I’d go higher if I didn’t have to buy new wheels for it and if I shouldn’t have to use risers for them to actually fit. So, for me 90mm is the sweet spot. It’s quite big and I can ride my topmount downhill deck without risers.

What I’m saying is, go for the 6 inch :stuck_out_tongue: And yeah, get lower kv motors

I wouldn’t ride the 6 inch airless tires fast as they can expand away from the hub, then dismount during carving/side loads causing one to street face

for a mushy feel to cruse sure…

unless you fix them to your hub somehow

(there is a video getting around of one being spun up on the bench and you can see daylight between the tire and hub as the speed gets up)

I look at it as an issue of safety - your bigger tires are a lot less likely to get hung up on things. That said I kinda secretly like the ride of the traditional skate wheels moreso than the 4" rubber I’m running, but only if the pavement is glass smooth.

I was miserable with 80mm wheels, 97mm seemed to be a sweet spot for the roads near me.(lots of gravel and cracks) I just got pnumatics and they feel great however setup can be annoying though

97mm is perfect for sure. I went 107mm for the first time yesterday. Sooooo slow at startup

I was wondering about that just got some slick revs

I’m gonna go against the grain and say that in msot cases 80mm is not really small, and honestly the 83mm abecs and 80mm kegels should be considered “medium” if anything. I dont know that all of the boosted board riders are having issues which their board halting on rocks or cracks…the only time that would be an issue is if youre not watching the road, which is reckless anyways. I’m actually about to go down to 75mm wheels because I’ve had basically 0 issues with my 83mm abecs getting caught on anything. smaller is lighter, torque-ier, and more efficient. I live in west LA and if a road is rough, usually the next street over is fine and I’ll know to just not go down certain roads.

Could you help me understand the kv of motors versus the wattage, I thought both were just the higher number the better.

Couldn’t that be simply fixed with some form of adhesive on the rims to keep the tires on ?

I live in nor cal and I feel like it’s pretty similar terrain and you make a good point about that boosted customers are all using them right now I have 83mm and with a quick thrust forward I can get over everything my area just has terrible pavement and I hate the vibration caused by the sidewalk blocks. Does anyone have AT tires and can you let me know if you still experience the same vibration ?

Not sure which type of sidwalk bricks or blocks u got but vibration is considerably smaller, sometimes u cant feel it at all when riding pneumatics while with street wheels it might be unbearable…

Really depends on terrain, I would say.

There’s some smaller wheels available from aliexpress… though u might need different trucks etc. Then there’s also option to get hubs printed and just ordering the tire and tube… u will need to spend some time on forum, if you want to achieve ‘hybrid’ setup - that is - small pneumatic tires, agile enough while still absorbing impacts from the road…

Maybe there’s some more alternatives I dont know about but non the less I dont feel that confident in these airless tires. I havent really tried them, some say they are great… but non the less, im probably the guy who stands by what he has tried…

I have a halo board which has dual in hub motors. I want to figure out a way to change the wheels to 9 inch rubber air all terrain tires. The stock wheels are 83 mm Halo Street Wheels. But the back wheels are in hub motors. Does anyone know of a way to get the 9 inch rubber tire all terrain tires on there? I love the board but it can be a rough ride. Plus I want to be able to go on the grass and dirt roads. Any ideas would be much

I’ve always ridden kegels, they are amazing, but only if the places you ride are near perfect, not my case unfortunately, which limites a lot my enjoyment to ride everywhere, but when I hit a perfect asphalt it’s a dream to ride

If you plan to not let the wheels limit where you can ride go bigger, I wouldn’t say pneumatics because they decrease the range a lot

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get a set of 100mm boa constrictors…best of both worlds…if you want to try pnuematics on the cheap check out the 3d printed ones they seem to hold up well and are very cheap way to find out…

i tried a manual longboard for the first time this week, it was so good to get back on the mountainboard afterwards. Pneumatics all the way.