Bigben fibre glass enclosure,product review

So I wanted to write up a quick review on an enclosure I bought off of @bigben,he hasn’t asked me to review the product but I figured after the whole Alextech dilemma it makes sense to give positive feedback and credit where credits due. First off he’s a nice friendly bloke,contact was swift. The enclosure itself is bullet proof exactly what I asked for regardless of weight,I asked him to keep the flange as big as possible so I could trim it up with a dremel myself but he will cut it to any measurements you give him. Delivery was a very good price as well as the cost of the enclosure,so if your looking for an enclosure in the uk or eu on a budget he’s the guy to ask.


How much did an enclosure like this cost?

Mine was £40, it fits up to 10s4p and 2 vescs, he has a range of different styles though capacity shape etc.

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Sweet, I’m upgrading to dual over the winter and I’m already out of space in my current enclosure so I’ll definitely be getting one. I understand it can be shaped to any length and thicknes ( running lipos).

How flexible it is ? I like to have slightly flexible deck to help with vibrations on our lovely UK pavements :wink: I’m sure it won’t crack and I’ll be adding rubber strip along to weather proof it and add some bounce to it.

You can ask him about thickness flex etc he will make it the way you want,I just wanted something bullet proof after I had a plastic enclosure crack and nearly fall off but fibre glass is a much better material for the job. I did add a weather strip to mine,it also fits perfect on my deck as it was moulded on the exact same board.

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Thanks for the kind words @WARMAN . I’ve been really busy at work so not been pushing these. I’ve got some more moulds in the making though. For a flexible deck I’d like to make a 2 part mould. Not too keen on a long enclosure flexing too much with the batteries having to flex too. Better with 2 enclosures, one for the escs and 1 for the batteries. I’m also making a trial deck with integrated enclosure. Got to get a wiggle on with that because I sold my own board out of the blue when I met an old friend out of the blue who I’d promised a board to. Heres some picks of a few different ones I’ve made and the deck progress.

<img src=“” width=“666” height=“500”>


Hey bigben,

Do you have anything that’ll fit a 12s2p 18650 single stack pack with dual ESCs?

Hi, If you give me the dimensions I’ll take a look at what I can do. There might be something I can do with the long mould which is 145mm wide, 40mm deep and 550 long internal. Might be able to shorten it but might be nice to make it less deep too. I’m driving back across Europe today so might be a bit out of contact but tomorrow I should be back home. Ben

sweet thanks! I’ll pm you sometime about it.

@bigben do you have any guides or walkthroughs of your process? With beauty there’s always pain :yum: For my deck, custom is the only option for perfect match and fit, ideally I want one almost the length of the wheel base with matching tapering

What do you need? Is that a deck wrinkley?

It has a raised portion on the bottom of the deck that tapers like an hourglass. Its a smooth finish on top. The wrinkley look comes from the carbon fiber inside. I’m actually lookng for an enclosure for the exact same board @scepterr. You have any ideas on a decent enclosure?

Do these boards flex at all?

nope! solid as a rock… unless you’re a hefty person, for which hi5ber offers a reinforced version of each board.

At 165ish pounds I can jump on it without flex

Ideally I want an enclosure the size and shape of the red line I drew, I need to make a mold I guess…

@Jinra I actually thought about contacting hi5ber about having them make something. I reached out to them for some details of the material inside to figure out if threaded inserts would work. At least the person I spoke with was quite excited to see an e-Zenith.

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Brian? I’ve had a few communications with him. AFAIK he’s the only guy running hi5ber. Rivet head inserts work well and I haven’t had any issues with them. I’m going for t-nuts on my ion 30 and it should work fine.

If he’s the only guy then yeah lol That also makes me much more hopeful he’de be willing to do something custom, he has all the molds…

Keep in mind CF board + CF enclosure = no radio signal going through. I didn’t really think it through when I ordered my enclosure from @MasterCho

Yeah I know receiver could always be mounted somewhere externally

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Or the antenna routed outside the enclosure