Bigben fibre glass enclosure,product review

Lol who’s duck tape enclosure was that? I’m still building my v2 board just want 2 focbox’s to finish it off!

Erm… That would be me. Impatience and all that. Now where would you get some focboxes from??? Here’s my next build in component parts.

Now to make a custom enclosure.

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Got a few different styles now.


looking good ben!

What are the dimensions of all your enclosures @bigben?

This is something that might be handy eh? You’ve shamed me into getting out there and measuring up… I’ll get onto it.


meant no shame BenBro… just constantly looking at my options

and you sir are one o’them

Ha, ha. I wanted to ask as well, but wasn’t sure if the info was out there somewhere already, and I’d just missed it.

I’ll get onto it this arvo. For the Tesseract, that one internal is 450mm x145 and either 37mm or one under construction is 27mm.


Here’s the internal measurements for mine if that helps!

Yep that one is 540mm x 145 x 40mm internal. I also do a 30mm version. I’ll try to get a single sheet with all sizes. Cheers @WARMAN


Drill a small hole in the deck like 1mm and put the wire thru, close it with some hotglue and put the wire under griptape Thats what I did

So here we go… Internal sizes are as follows…

  1. Modelled on the Landyachtz 9two5 540mm x 145mm x 40mm Available in gloss without logo too.
  2. Landyachtz evo specific. 640mm x 140mm-175mm x 25mm
  3. Modelled on random curve… 215mm max x 145mm max x 40mm
  4. Modelled on Truncated tesseract. 450mm x 145mm x 37mm (also soon available in 25mm)
  5. Flat. 215mm max x 145mm max 55mm (available 315mm long too)
  6. Modelled on the Landyachtz 9two5 260mm x 145mm x 40mm
  7. Modelled on the Landyachtz 9two5 deck 540mm x 145mm x 30mm
  8. Not pictured. Modelled on the Landyachtz 9two5 deck mm 320mm x 145mm x 40mm

I can supply various widths and thickness of adhesive backed rubber seal. I’ve been talking to a supplier who can pre apply dry reusable locktite to the mounting screws and am shortly getting a sample.


Here’s the new Tesseract enclosure. (Primer grey)


Here is the 320mm x 145mm x 30mm enclosure. And a little project I was experiencing for myself. I took a standard version of the shallow tesseract enclosure and sprayed it up to match the deck.


Beautiful enclosures! Do they also fit the Cantellated Tesseract? If so, I’d like to buy one from you.

Yes they do. This coloured one was a special one. Normally they are one colour. There are 2 different depths. 25mm and 35mm.

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hey mate, what do you have to fit a landy EVO / 12s4p or 10s4p setup with dual focboxes and single layer config including post to AUS

Hi, Which model evo is it? The mould I have fits the skate and explore Evo (41”/40”) and will pull down well onto a latest model evo falcon 40”. Not the 36 or the bigger older models. The enclosures are £65 and the cheapest shipping I can find is £25.