Bigger motors for bigger batteries


Some of the obvious things are sensor wire / correct connector and length and phase wire size and length. I have also asked about different color options and housing styles, one question was ask, is there a need for bigger motors in watts like a 4000 watt motor 6368 geared for the growing battery size today?


Vescs can output max 2500w or so on a full battery 12s3,6v50A=2200w

Maybe Im wrong but i do not see the point

um… 6.4 is 80A from trampa, jensobro with a heatsink on his eMTB has run 100A BC, 130A MC & 175A AC… ESCape & B-Box should be there to… opensource…

I think the vesc 6 can handle 4000w. I’m not sure though. With the speeds we’re travelling at I don’t think the need is there. What we have now is sufficient, but it wouldn’t hurt to have some more oomph. :laughing:

i’d like to see motors with 70mm outer diameter, this seems like a nice size and space is enough for 7mm wider motors…

I put focbox 36v 100amp and never gotten pick 3600 Watts in past, cuz the wheel will starts burn out after 30mph. Probably cuz I’m too light as well.

I actually never been able to hit end of throttle with 6374 motor. It is only good for instant acceleration for me.

Its a question the company rep ask me, 4000 w is something they are considering developing. what I see is an opportunity to steer them in a direction that delivers a motor more geared for the esk8 use, so its not a do you see a need for 4000w. Its what do you see a need for your builds and conditions?

Also, keep in mind just because 12s is a sweet spot for what we have to use, its not the max possible in this application, its what possible for whats available in my opinion.

the bigger the battery in S and P the longer range, what could you do with 72 cells

mmaner said that he is not sure if he will make another batch steewi is in the process… I was thinking of 4.12 as thats what most of the people still use

4000w dual would have a killer start…


I’d rather see smaller motors or same size motors capable of maintaining increased wattage. That way you keep size and weight to a minimum. If my board had it’s current performance with less weight that would be great.

I’m all for people pushing limits and innovation. That’s what’s awesome about this community. Except for those select few really breaking barriers and pushing the limits the current eskate user is probably at his limit of speed and power.

I believe increased capability would for sure help in the single motor realm where sustained amps are higher in general.


yes, I agree on the speed/power aspect. I like the keep it small and powerful, 6374 are just to big for the power it delivers, I think it can be same as or just bigger than the 5065 … like 5870. if we are being ask what do we want. I think this is the place for the answer. what I’m looking for is the package deal… power, efficiency, and range

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Power, speed, range, efficiency. All variable based on user.

this is why I’m asking the forum, the biggest group of users I know…

What I don’t understand is, since it is not hub motor, it is not constrained by the heat that much, So I can put 12s and put 80 amp it will be 4000w. Why do we need specific motor for that.

If it is lighter and same torq and power hell yeah. but we are doing fine as it is.

a problem for me is going beyond comfortable speed. so I don’t need more speed. I need more stearing.

speaking of which to do this you will need stronger magnet something like 52N+

I’d rather have 5055 than 5065, dual rear would still be possible on caliber 184mm. Lighter package, more clearance, possibly less expensive. If those could handle 4000 Watts, even 3000, that would be plenty.

Go diagonal and put 6387 motors :smiley:

Yes, I believe this is what’s needed in order to bring what’s wanted versus what can we use. We all have our likes. It’s about growing the industry in the direction the people on the ground think it should go not some executives in a meeting

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Kontronik Pyro 900

6368 measurements

up to 7,5kW with 685g

that would be cool from maytech…

ok, I see the motors offered on their site. one thing is general specs… shaft size, length of shaft, type D style or key way/bonnet and grub screw? enclosed or partial, water proof and better materials. phase wire length and size sensor length and correct 2.0 jst connector what else?