Biggest battery anyones ever used in eboard?

Just curious as to how big of a battery some of you are using? I’m building a pack right now which is a 12s 16000 mah, which is massive 710 Wh. Never heard of anyone using a battery this large,

So whats the biggest anyone’s used before?

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probably biggest i know about being used is probably @chaka’s. 6-700 Wh iirc.

I’m a fan of smaller lighter setups - ideally swappable if i want to go further distance. A spare battery in my bag or pocket is easier to carry than more weight under my board IMO. Different strokes for different folks!

I use a 10s8p on my mountain board. 720 WH

What about the guy who build a 13p battery out of laptop cells?

Never saw a picture though

How is your pack 806? if youre using liion your nominal is 3.6 volts/cell. so 3.6 * 12= 43.2 and 43.2 * 16= 691.

and lipo is still only 710. From what i know i have the biggest pack lol even the 13P pack is smaller due to old cells. I remember calculating it.

ok, maybe I did it wrong. I did the calculation at 4.2 volts per cell, since that’s a full charge.

You do the calculation at the lowest voltage per cell?

you do it at nominal so 3.6 for liion and 3.7 for lipo. 3.2 for lifepo

ok, I’ll edit that than, thanks for the heads up. It’s a lipo 12s2p. multistar pack, aka, the weaksauce filled packs, but they won’t be weak at this size.

Yea if you run them at 2p then theyre fine. ive done a 10s2p with multistar before and it was totally fine :slight_smile:

Do you know how many amps you’ve pulled from them at once? I might be building an over kill, but I’m build a 4wd with these and I want to pull 100 amps (25 per vesc/motor). They advertise 10c discharge, but on ES, some guys said 4c or 5c was really their limit.

How many miles do you get with that massive pack?

oh man you shouldnt be using multistar for a 4wd board… mine was find with 2p on a single drive. your acceleration is gonna tank! I don’t know the amp pull sorry!

and its on a dual rear chain drive on 8 in pneumatics I havent measured range yet! but i think itll get me like 30 miles. on a single drive street board it would get around 55miles

Why do you think the acceleration will tank? It’s a question of how many amps I can draw. If I pull 100 amps to one motor or across 4, whats the difference? It’s just spreading the work out across the four motors instead of one or two doing it all.

2 motors pulls about 30% more amps than 1 motor with the same load.

I’m not sure how that math works out with 3 or 4 wheels but I’m sure it just pulls more amps.

There is less amp pull PER esc But more amp pull from the battery since all the esc’s share the same battery The question is-can that battery give you 100amps. I don’t think it can

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I built a few evolve carbon replacements with 756Wh each. 10S6P with 3500mAh cells :slight_smile:

I’m honored to be bested by you! Lol my downfall is using 2500 mah cells

i built the same, but it won’t get empty! xD tumnich 4 president!

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If there are 10c discharge at 16ah, that’s 160 amp discharge. If I pull 100 amps, that’s like 6-7c. I guess only time will tell

But they are actually 4-5C in reality. If you can afford 4 wheel setup, don’t save at the wrong place.

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Yea I know that’s what the label says but time will tell

Wouldn’t the total amps pulled be similar on 2wd vs. 4wd? That same 50 amps would just be split 4 ways instead of 2, right? You’re still moving the same load. I’m also going to try a 4wd hub board, and I’m planning on running off a 12s 5200mah multistar, so I hope you should be ok, cause I hope I’m gonna be ok. Lol I’ll hook up my watt meter when I do it and see what’s really going on.