Bike Park jump board(lightweight)

Hello I’ve never rode a electric mountainboard, but do have a boosted. I have been gravity(non-electric) mountainboarding for a few years. I would mostly ride bike parks with jumps in Denver like Ruby Hill. Most bike parks are on a hill so I didn’t need a motor. But I just moved away from Denver and the only bike park near me is on a very small hill, but not steep enough to mountainboard. My goal is to build the most lightweight board possible just to push me down this little hill a little faster so I can hit the jumps. What size of motor, single or dual and what type and size of battery, and what ESC would suit this build best? I’m thinking about using 1/8 RC car parts because they seem smaller and lightweight. Thanks.

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Motors woukd be 6374 190kv, esc could be a stormcore, makerx or flipsky (personally wouldn’t use myself), and battery should be p42a (so far the latest).

How many p42a cells do you recommend? What gearing ratio do most people use, how many teeth on the pinion gear and the wheel gear?

Does anyone know if the Maker Fire GO FOC DV4 Esc is capable of running just 1 motor instead of 2. Or does anyone know of any ESC that has the option to run 1 or 2 motors? I may start with 1 motor and then add a second if needed.

These are entirely up to you. Mine may not be the same as yours.

No. The motors are too stong for the DV4. You can run it, but at very low amp.

Trampa esc can do it. Its a single esc.

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I’m thinking about buying these components. Is alI I would need to do is solder the red wires together and the blacks together? Or am I missing something here or do I need other electronic components?

Any opinions on the Torque6 ESC’s? Thanks

If you have the battery and stuff, then yes, all you would need is to just solder.

I didnt have a good experience with torqueboards myself so I can’t say anything about the esc. I’ve heard its okay, but id go with trampa if going single.

@zigro If a lightweight jump board is your goal, check out NuBx builds. He builds boards for jumping. Look at the Youtube channel as well.

Second, if you don’t want raw uphill power and just something to get you up hills, a single drive (on the rear heelside) will work. You could upgrade it to dual drive later if you wanted to. You probably do want dual drive though.

A good start would be Matrix 2 trucks with metal baseplates, an HTD5M belt drive using Boardnamics motor mounts, and a TB6380 or Flipsky 6384 motor with a FOCBOX Unity controller.

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Am I correct about soldering the 3 black wires together and 3 red wires together? Just want to make sure I do it correct if I get this.

No; you need a loopkey in the circuit.

Also you can just use the loopkey and skip buying that switch.

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As @b264 said, you will need a loop key. You dont need to buy a antispark switch if you do this route instead. And yes, you can solder them together. Ive seen some people do it.

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The power switch that is attached to the XT90 is included with the ESC’s, so I would not have to buy separate.

Sorry I’m still a little confused here. Do I need to add a Loop Key to everything that is here or do I have the option to only use the power button attached to the XT90(by soldering the 3 black wires together and 3 reds together) or only don’t use that power button and replace it with a Loop Key.

Do you know if some good diagram that show so the components needed.

Think of it like this:

Instead of using an antispark switch that may fail on you later on, you would instead add a red and black wire and cut the black wire in half to solder the XT90 male connector in between the black. You are correct that you solder the three wires, but do not solder the antispark switch.

You’re basically making an antispark but with an Xt90 like so:

Then you just solder the Xt90 to the esc and the battery side should be a male xt90 for the connector on the battery side.

It will be like so:

This is a loopkey. Make sure to solder the two female prongs together with a small wire.

Those switches are notorious for failing, I’d use a loopkey in addition to it, but you don’t have to.

If the switch fails, it will stay on constantly, which means it’s likely you might accidentally destroy your battery.

Plus, a loopkey is ridiculously cheap.

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