BillyGoat | 41" Drop through Longboard | Sk3 - 6354 260kv motor | ebay motor mount | Maytech Vesc | 3000mAh 4S 20C Lipo Pack

I had a notion to build a Moutain Board out of my unused Atom 95x MTB. I read, I ordered, I ordered some more and then i realized, “Crap on a stick” I don’t have an E-MTB motor, what i ordered from ebay was a skateboard motor mount - the E-MTB motor mount is being made by Scramboard, “I can’t wait to get it :grin:” - Oh what to do. My 8yr son has been asking for a skateboard and was interested in the E-MTB. We hopped, skipped and jumped over to Walmart for a longboard, took it home and proceeded with building HIM, the first no push skateboard.

3 weeks later after purchasing the longboard we have what you see below.

Ebay motor mount edited to accept sk3-6354 motor Boss Hawgs wheels bought from the mall with m4 bolts from homedepot to attach the pulley to wheel.

Battery, Maytech Vesc and RX in a small Homedepot parts kit case

It was a labor and i loved every minute of second guessing where to place the Homedepot enclosure, would it work, will my wife kill me or have me pay the extra on the insurance premium, I had to change the truck in the back from being a drop through to it being top mounted to get clearance from the deck when leaning.

And BillyGoat is the nickname for my son which this is for.


I like the enclosure. Can you give me a link to the homedepo enclosure. Thank you.

here you go, you can score the dividers with a blade and just bend to snap to customize the interior.

Thank you. I went to Home Depot today and picked up a set of these boxes. Great deal. I will use 2 for my skateboard and 3 for storing screws and washers and other small tools.

One question. 11.1v is enough for your need? Most ppl here use 6s to 12s battery’s here.

The board is really for my 8yr old son, but I took it out for like 20min and it was awesome. So i’m 6’ 270lbs, the motor got me moving on flats and going up short inclines - this is a single drive setup. The battery spits out 14.8v, the more volts the faster you will go but I felt comfortable/stable at half throttle with the size of battery. Starting with a huge battery pack is a preference among other DIYers, eventually i’ll get to that point. Plus starting with a small battery pack has less tendency to blow a vesc and having to wait for a replacement. Plus people have been having issues with 12s and their vesc, more time trouble shooting to less time riding.

So the deck was warped and very flexible, didn’t like that at all. Got a deck from Zumies and did a transplant. So new stiffer drop through deck that has been top mounted, components moved under the board, trucks are reversed and the motor is now under the deck.


Ebay mounts don’t look to have lined up all that well. Is it just that photo or was it a bit tricky?

I made it line up. The drivetrain was put together without locktite, but screwed in really hard to make sure the mount didn’t move. Then i took everything off but the motor mount. I removed one grub screw and drilled into that hole and into the truck about an 1/4 inch deep, this way the grub screw would be 1/4th the way in the truck and still in the motor-mount hole, but before putting back the grub screw, i used JB weld metal for extra strength.

What i noticed with the ebay motor mounts is that they have a round hole going against an un-circular truck. the grub screw holes aren’t positioned in a way that when you screw and tighten them, it should pull the mount towards the truck, it does the opposite.

they work for a cheap fast build, you just have to do some modifications as I did.


Do you have to run those small skateboard wheels or can you run some bigger caguamas?

Don’t follow this build, there are plenty of parts on the market these days that can help you build a better eboard. My latest build I’m running the Abec11 107mm.