Bimmer had an accident

Hey guys if we have a sale pending or you have questions please habe some patience I am doped up on painmeds after someone took my right of way this weekend.


hope all is okay

wish you all the best!

Dude, feel better!

take it easy. we can wait.

hope youre all good.

Feel better bro

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I hope you’re okay – and I hope you fucked-up their car real good and that their insurance rates get raised.


Hope you get well soon, now ripp them off with ensurance and use that money to pay some thug’s to beat them up real good / or for eskate poruposes :smiley:

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Get well soon man!!

get well soon brother, I know that situation sucks.

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Wish you a fast recovery

Get well!!

Dude, when I read the title I swear I turned of the phone and left the room for some time because I thought something horrible happened again!

I hope its nothing serious and you feel better soon!

I’m good my car is getting a new front end and engine.

Oh, it was a car accident?

Glad to hear you’re ok man. Wishing you a speedy recovery

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Get well soon mister B. !

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Better a car accident then an esk8.

Hope your good @bimmer


Hope you feel better soon.


You ran into the front of your own car hard enough to kill the engine??! Dang, that’s a strong VESC!!