Binding issues with Enertion (aka Steez) remote

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The Enertion remote I bought recently is not working. When the receiver is connected to the VESC, the red LED on the receiver flashes quickly. I believe this means it’s not “binded”. Is that right? Might anyone provide instructions on how to bind the transmitter and receiver?

Pm me your email. I have the steeze remote pairing instructions from carvon, worked like a dream. Ill forward them to you

to pair the new remote:

  1. Turn off both the new remote and skateboard.

  2. Turn on the new remote control. Press down on the joystick and the green light will blink really fast.

  3. Press B button (the one below the button that turns on the remote) under successive terms of ten within 10 seconds, then the remote control lights will all turn off.

  4. Turn on the skateboard which will turn on the receiver.

  5. After the receiver is on, you will notice the green light flash on either left or right side of the remote, or both of them. The green light on the left side of the remote corresponds to digits of tens. The green light on the right side of the remote corresponds to digits of ones.

So, if you see the left green light flash twice, that means 20. If you see the right green light flash 6 times, that means 6. So you add them together and you get 26.

  1. Push the joystick button all the way forward to the number you come up with (26 in the above example).

  2. After pushing the joystick to the number corresponding to the green lights, press down on the joystick button again.

  3. Then press A button to turn off the new remote. Turn off the skateboard. This should complete the pairing.

  4. Turn on the skateboard, then turn on the new remote control. If all went well, you should be able to control the skateboard with the new remote.


@jgraham232 I’m in the same boat. Can you send me the full instructions?

That worked perfect for me. I had issues with maytechs instructions.

Thank you :wink:

And for me, thanks, John!

Special shout out to Carvon gor sending me the instructions with top notch customer service!!

These are the instructions I came up with (based on the instruction above).

  1. Turn off your electric skateboard.

  2. On the remote control, press and hold the A button for 3 seconds to turn on the controller. The left light will become yellow and the right light will become green.

  3. Press down and release the joystick (labeled the C button). The left light will blink green.

  4. Press the B button 10 times in less than 10 seconds. All lights on your controller should turn off. If your controller has a yellow light on the left and green on the right (similar to when you first turned it on), check to make sure that your receiver is off (no red light), and if not, turn it off and start from step 3 again.

  5. Turn on your electric skateboard.

  6. Once the receiver turns on, your controller should have some combination of flashing lights. The two lights together tell you what frequency your on. The left is in terms of tens, and the right is the single digits. Simple add the two numbers together to determine which frequency you are on. The default frequency for this remote is 2. This should be changed if you are experiencing interference or if using multiple of these controllers in the same area.

Example: Left light flashes 2 times and the right flashes 4 times. 2 x 10 = 20 + 4 (from the right) = 24

To change the frequency, simply slide the joystick (Do not press the C button) up or down to increase and decrease the frequency.

  1. Press and hold the A button to turn off the remote.

  2. Turn off your electric skateboard.

  3. Turn on both your remote and electric skateboard. The receiver should blink red and become solid red if pairing was successful.

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What do I do if the remote just says off???

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I think my steez remote is broken or something, last night it was dying and the throttle was cutting in and out (but worked perfectly when the remote was right beside the receiver) so i tried using the instructions above to re bind the remote like ive one before.

Now the remote wont turn on, its fully charged, but when i hold the A button the red light turns to green but then nothing happens, it doesnt fire up or anything just turns off.

Wtffff! Anyone have an idea? Ive searched the all over the web.

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Have you checked the lights on your receiver?

Yes, its working perfectly fine. The remote should turn on regardless though right?

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With mine, when it doesn’t have a receiver to bind to, the red light on the right side stays on. I did have a similar issue when my remote’s “A” button was broken. Wasn’t sure what it was since it only happened a couple times, but after I fixed my “A” button, I never had an issue. I also swapped out my VESC and at the time, so it could have been another issue.

Yeah my remote wont even turn on, the red light turns to green after 3 seconds like it usually would then the other light would stay on but instead it just goes off after i let go of the a button.

Its fully charged too, im not sure wtf is going on.

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Not sure what it could be. Have you tried changing channel?

Any idea of how many channels one can cycle through?

I live in D.C. next to a metro train rail system and Amtrack, I experienced frequency issues in what I believe are in conjunction with the train line system. I had an issue where my board would just BRAKE abruptly, tossing me off my board, and gaining some unwanted brush burns on my arms/legs/etc…

I recently changed my frequency using the I instructions above. Hopefully this fixes the issue, I will not test it until my elbow pads can me in. :joy:

if this doesn’t work, how many frequencies can I cycle through?

hed man did you fix it ? o have the same issue with mine. it wont turn on