Bioboards Eskate release! New webshop!

On Friday we will release we webshop in located in Sweden but we ship worldwide. /

Here is all boards we will sell:

Bioboards Thorium X4 AT: 2440%2C46

Bioboards Thorium X4: bb18

Bioboards Thorium X: 2420%2C43

Bioboards Thorium X AT ( will have black hubs on the board for sell): 2444%2C47

Bioboards Radium: 2427%2C44

Bioboards Uranium X: 2431%2C45

All Boards except Radium will have the possibility to choose between glass grit or Seismic Lokton Lasercut Metal Plate gripetape.

Boards that are ordered to USA, Canada and Australia will be shipped to @longhairedboy who builds and install the batterys and then shipped to the customer. He will also be our repair agent for those countrys.

So board with battery we will ship to EU, USA, Canada and Australia. But we do sell them all without battery and ship worldwide.

We will also sell some parts and accessories to, but from beginning it will not be a lot.

More info about the webshop and release can be found here:

Some more pictures: 2456%2C51 2464%2C52 2475%2C53

Feel free to ask me any questions!


Hypothetically speaking, what-ish is your capacity for order volume? Say this blows up, cause these are sweet, and you get 50 orders in the first week… Will we be waiting for months to years on backlog to even be able to place an order?

Whats the price range? I’m assuming $2000+

Can’t wait to see the site and options. Will there be extensive or minimal customization options?

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You can see on the mailchimp url the preorder delivery plan. But to start we can do around 10-14 per month. But we can easy increase to 20 per month if needed.

Also longhairedboy can build some for us if we get to many orders since he will already building the batterys for US/Canada/Australia market. But this is high performance with the best parts available so it have a high price.

Yes its ~2000-4000 USD price tag (~1700-3200 without battery) so we don´t except that many orders, at least not to begin with before reviews and more users tried them.

The options to begin with except the 6 different versions will be: Gripetape(glass grit or locton gripetape) On Thorium deck 90A or 93A riptide bushings Metr Pro will be included in the Thorium deck and for Uranium and Radium it will be a optional addon

They all have Focbox Unity and Samsung 30Q cells and a Bms with discharge (60A, 100A and 150A)

Here is more specs on them: 9bc4d726-5dfd-4109-bc20-881ec79a2967 *Top speed and range are indicated up to these values. Top speed depends on wind, road surface, weight, exact motor KV and slope on the road. Range depends on wind, road surface, weight, slope on the road and driving mode (speed/acceleration).


Very sweet. Some pretty heavy boards there. My hummie setup with 6374 12s6p sr rkp weighs 12.6kg.

For the range I’d change it to half the value of what is mentioned with an up to value.

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Great! It will be nice to see some nice boards around. Which deck do you use fur the radium? Is the Thorium deck pressed by you? Planning to sell the deck alone or make new models, maybe with a pocket to host hardware? Like hummie’s deck. Well done.


Thanks! No it’s a Landyachtz Evo we paint and mill for the bms and battery. The other decks is Landyachtz switchblade 36 and Bkb Tayto. No plan to sell the decks since all can already buy them from the once who make them. Maby we can sell the evo with “milled” (or how do you say it on English?) for electronics and painted by Bioboards later if their is a interest for it.


Good like that :smile:. I thought you said you were making EVO clone deck for your board. The combination with the enclosure will be pretty sick. Since Eboosted enclosure go through the custom to get here. So if you already have them would be way better for EU fellow. Anyhow I totally understand that you want to make complete boards only. At least at the beggining :grin:


Love these boards. Great components and serious performance on offer. The only thing, and this is a personal preference, is using a drop through deck and top mounting on the Radium. I just don’t think this looks ‘right’ as there are so many other top mount decks to choose from out there. But anyhows, what do I know lol ?

Best of luck with the new business and hope you sell 1000s :slight_smile:

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Thanks! We actually think it looks cool to see the cables over the truck on the rear. But if you don’t like it it’s just to add a top plate over the holes.


Is the web shop online? It does not seem to work for me.

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What error are you getting? Try ctrl f5 to refresh The website is live now on and


Ok use .se or push show details. The site have SSL but the relink for .eu dont have it atm. You can use this url to get to English version direct:

It works for me now. :+1:

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Thanks to all who ordered so far! If you find any problems or bugs on the webbshop please let me know!

Awesome work man. I’ve been keeping on eye on your build for a while. Happy for you to get to this point!

My only question is why the nano-x? I’ve found it has one of the worse feels for controlling a powerful board. There’s just a sudden all or nothing feel to it. Even a cheap 2.4ghz mini trigger has a better throttle feel.


This is sick! As for all the whiny brats on facebook complaining its too expensive, ignore them all.
you are going great work! And everyone on here knows its worth what you’re asking for :slight_smile:


Thanks, the reason is because i never ever did have a cut out on my nano-x and on rides i continue to see other getting cut outs sometimes, specially in the city with different other remotes. Sure it does not have any cool features but i found it most reliable and long battery life. So i prefer that over cool features. And i like the feeling from it but that could be that i´m so used to it to ofc.

But if someone don´t like it and buys another remote for it i´m happy to help them how to install the other remote if they don´t know how to.


Thanks :slight_smile:

Bitdefender don’t like your website :rofl: image