Bioboards Thorium X AT Stolen

So I dropped of a 2wd evo all terrain board at the dhl terminal in Stockholm.

The package was suppose to go to a customer in Norway. But it did never leave the terminal i dropped it of at. They have searching for it for 6 days now and every day they report back they didnt find it. So I gues a dhl worker stole it. The package is 110x45x25cm so its not a small box…

So now i have to take my own money to pay for parts and build one because I dont want the customer to have paid and just loose all money for nothing. DHL take no resposible and they tell me I have to wait 60 days before they do anything and by that time + ordering parts and build it the summer will be over for the customer… And after 60 days they will probebly only pay back like 5 000 SEK even if the shipment value was set to the real value 26 500 SEK

So a warning to all that ship stuff: Do never use dhl freight parcel connect, their resposible and service sucks!

So if you see someone ride this 2wd at board or se any for sale please report to me and I will reward you. We only sold 2wd AT to 1 in Sweden and 1 to Czechia but they have not got their board yet.

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No security cam footage? I find it hard to believe that something like this is even possible!


I requested this to, but they didn’t even reply to it, they just tell me they will look for it in 2 days again, and then 1 time a week and after 60 days they will investigate it…


I had the same thing with a battery (12s7p). The shipping company was dpd. I had shipped it with a insurance (the highest amount at them is 500 euro). After calling them almost each day multiple time. They were speeding up the progress. After 4 months off sending mails and call them. They have confirmed that it was lost.

So I advice you to call them multiple times. New ask for the office manager. Tell your story ask for a good solution.

We have in Belgium a government department who looks that each shipping company help their costumers. And try to help costumers when shipping company’s not try to find solutions for the costumers. Maybe you have the same thing in your country

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I hope they just misplaced it, sadly these days incompetence by business is common place. Unless you had ‘beware killer BioBoards eSK8’ written all over it I have some hope its been misplaced!

Yes I hope so to, but they say atleast they have looked for the package 3 times in the terminal and they have no scanning that it lefted it. We didnt put any labels on them because we was afraid somone would steal them. Its just the customs invoice and shipping label on them.

So sorry to hear this. Crappy for you guys and crappy for your customer. I find it shocking that they take no responsibility whatsoever for the security of your package after taking receipt of it.

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years and years ago a UK delivery company lost my ‘release day’ shipment of 5x Playstation2’s for about a week, it was tracked into one place and never left took them over a week to locate the rather large package :slight_smile:


This doesn’t help now, of course, but one of the things people do here is take a photo of the package being handed over to the post office.


I don’t think it would have helped anyway. DHL is not denying they received the parcel.

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sadly I would start to film the whole dropping off process

Don’t you guys get a receipt stating also the weight of the parcel when you drop it off?


Yes 10 char

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You don’t want a insurance pay on the weight. It is only 5-10euro/kg

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Most courier companies offer extra insurance which must be bought separately, otherwise they just pay a fixed amount per weight with a max value of 400-500€.

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So if i see someone riding one in sweden I’ll punch him in the throat with the off-chance that its one of the bioboard guys? :smiley: Worth a shot :wink:


Yeps, in Belgium we have: Dpd insurance until 500 Gls: 750 Postnl: 700

And then you have the local postal service. They offer no insurance. They even have stolen some packages that were shipped from foreign countries. I had called them: “We are not responsible for foreign countries packages”

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Haha yea I will take it if that is the case :joy:


Same thing might have happened with my TB DD, but with USPS it’s been a week and a half and still not scanned, do postal offices keep recording’s?

@mackann did you get a receipt?

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Yea, I use a ta system for all shipment so I get tracking updates and handle all different shipment providers in same portal so it have recorded they reciewed it.

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