Birmingham and the Midlands UK riders


Got my first eboard 3 months ago and have ridden it into the city everyday for work for last 3 months…

Seems to be a lack of meeting spots or places for local members to chat and organise so i have made the following which should at least give new members looking for local riders a place to start.

whatsapp = facebook =

cheers JJ

I’m at the extreme west of the midlands but might make it to the odd meet up.

We do group rides every third thursday around/in Nottingham. In Winter we have a brake. As soon as the weather is good enough, we will continue. The Trampa esk8 facebook group is also a good way to connect to locals.

Frank Trampaboards Ltd.

top bombing frank.

I did have you down as a contact to invite when i organise an actual group meetup later in the summer along with carve, skatehut, boosted, SR and yourself. Should be good to get a nice meet up together with a few companies should really create some buzz in the UK with just a few meetups a year

Ill join your FB group too thanks for the heads up.

esk8 in the uk