BISEK electric skateboard


I’m really curious about this chinese electric skateboard, I already have on DIY tho, single drive 9mm belt. So quite a lack in torque and braking.

I send him an email for more details, and this is what he responded :

It’s 61 KV motor. The transmission is 1:1, no gear inside.

The motor is fixed to axle by screws.

The motor cannot go faster than 30 km/h because we set limitation on controller. If exceed the speed, the controller and motor will get very hot and unstable.

By the way, we use controller instead of ESC. The controller is developped specially for skateboard not that kind of ESC for RC planes. When you open the upper deck, you will see controller and battery. But we don’t suggest do any change to the chip and battery.

Check here for more hi-res photos here:

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Are there more things that i could ask? I really like the design and style of the board. Not sure if I actually gonna spend this much money on it.

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They are using an Acton controller. I stumbled upon this on Alibaba the other day, looks like a scam to me…

It’s the same factory that produces the Blink Board, you can find this Board and some variations as PhantomGo, Raven, Bull R3000,…

Never heard of the Acton controller

You mean the transmitter or the ESC?

Is it not good or are you just trying to say they copied ?

I don’t know if it’s good, it’s not out yet. There are different brands of same board as usual with chinese stuff, check this out:

There is a company called Acton that makes electric skateboards. The skateboard you linked uses an Acton controller (the thing u hold to control the speed)… I wouldn’t bother wasting ur time and money on a cheap Chinese product no one has heard of or used

i asked them if i can get 10 boxes for discounted price . they declined . they want me to purchase 30 boxes ! ! ! ! insane ! where am i gonna keep it ? by the time i recieved all 30 boxes , they might have come up with a new carbon fibre design . i scrapped my intention .

Just took delivery of this deck today. Surprisingly decent. I had low expectations😀 Lol

Omg please make a video ! :slight_smile: and some pictures

How much did you pay ? shipping + import taxes + price ?

Sure, I will get time over the weekend to take a closer look. Got it from Rex @ Bisek for $583 + $180 fedex to NYC address = $763 total. Posted a few pictures in a separate thread but should move to here as better posting location. Search forum for Bisek and should show up.

just take a picture or video of you holding , riding it :grinning:

How’s the ride? Most important things to me are:

  1. Real world range
  2. Regen brakes? Smooth brakes?
  3. Water/splash proof?

Please let us know more when you get some riding time with it!

P.S. Thanks for being the guinea pig. Hahaha just kidding

yo, im in manhattan right now, you anywhere near here? i’d like to see this as im considering it too

I found this video a couple weeks ago and this


Updates? I’m eager to hear more about this board.

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wondering if I can just buy the deck :slight_smile:

I have written an email to [email protected] about just buying a the deck without the electronics quite some time ago (~10 days). Unfortunately, I have no answer til today.

@caustin Waiting for updates :wink:

I filled in the inquiry form yesterday. Got a mail early this morning from Rex stating that they will unfortunately not sell the deck separately…

Hmm, too bad… Maybe we could get some information about who is manufacturing these. I hope they are not manufactured by bisek themselfs… Had no luck so far finding any source.

I’ll mail him back and ask, perhaps he’ll share

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