BISEK electric skateboard

I received this answer from Rex on my mail:

Hi Michael, This is Rex from Bisek. Very glad to receive your inquiry. Please check attached quotation sheet. Do you only need 1 piece? The price is $605 for 1 piece sample. And shipping to Belgium: $198 by DHL air. So it’s $803 in total. And lead time is 30 days after payment. You can check more real photos here:

I wanted to wait for some reviews here :slight_smile: before ordering one. Also, if I have to pay import fee on this item, it will be as much as a evolve or boosted board. That would be to much

20% import taxes indeed. I live in belgium aswell …

Board looks really fancy though, and you would trade “known name” for “range” between boosted/bisek.

Don’t think anyone will buy this board except for @caustin. So reviews are not gonna come i’m afraid

Yes, was waiting for @caustin :slight_smile: I think I will go with complete torque kit from DIYelectricskateboard or … will be couple of hundred euro’s more but known parts and probably better after sales support

I’m going with dual vescs spacecell pro4 and dual hubmotors :slight_smile:

That’s balls out :smile: What’s your budget if I may ask?

Also the hubs from @jacobbloy in black? If the bisek carbon fiber deck would be available, it will be an awesome stealth jet :slight_smile: Personally, I am waiting for the new VESC 6.0 though…

Another one from her. Seems to be very wobbly :stuck_out_tongue:

Sorry I have not been able to post, have been in a trip the past week. Will be able to answer questions and post pictures etc after I get back in a few days. I am also waiting in the JBloy EWF dual hubs kit in black being shipped to me now, but may not be a simple swap out as the BISEK hubs are websites and carry extra leads from ESC to motors in addition to 3 phase leads. Also ESC is proprietary, and not really an ESC technically based in design choices they made. Short review is good for now, only issue working on is RX/tx dropout caused by antenna placement deck in CF and the realities of riding in NYC 2.4ghz interference etc lol. Speed is good, around 24moh but capped by ESC governor so that is programmed not physical limits. Engineers said it was to protect overheat hub motors, which is a typical concern. Hubs do heat up, but I keep forgetting to bring along a digital it thermometer to measure during use. Deck is nice, though top cover a thin material unlike rest of CF sturdy deck. Really like design of deck and hand grab etc. The thing is super stealth, being slim no obvious wiring, hub motors, everything black etc. 14 lbs and 35" so more portable than my other longer e-boards. Torque is good so far but have not tested big inclines yet. Acceleration is good from a stop and smooth. Not much documentation, had to explore remote button sequence to switch to reverse, manual-ish Steez etc. Battery seems better than I would have guessed 10s 3p (can’t remember exact p, lol). Wheels ok duro, not abecs or tangs but I have seen worse. Charges fast, have not had chance to measure range properly, and no voltmeter etc. Basically if I can get the remote RX/tx issue resolved it’s a keeper.


10s3p battery ?to me it looks more like a small 6s lipo pack. What range did you get ? Also where is remote receiver hidden ? I

I don’t look at my budget , i’m just spending :slight_smile:

I already build my first board with single belt drive. and pretty ghetto enclosure. So now i’m going for a nice sweet stealth build. Probably will be spending 1000 ±

I have mixed feelings about the VESC 6.0 because it will be in beta ? I’m planning on getting 2 hw4.12 vesc’s from

36V8aH remote receiver under dual esc, typical setup, antenna looks like has been extended past spec for 2.4ghz bt (2"-ish) to try and get clear of CF blockage. Unclear that is a good idea even if just rx. No range testing yet.

Another video:

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I wonder if it’s possible to shred this board with angular grinder to make the carbon fiber esc compartment bigger so that vesc could fit in.

I’m looking forward to @caustin full review on this board

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@caustin I am also looking for a full review of the board and some videos especially in regards to hill climbing and speed. How long did it take to ship to you from the time you purchased it from rex? Also how did you measure the top speed of 24mph?

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@zeno: something new from rex about the deck manufacturer? The chance for being manufactured by bisek directly is reasonably low, I think. Because the Phantom Raven and Bulls R3000 seems to use exactly the same deck, so probably there is a third person making the decks. I have mailed to both of them and will share if they answer.

Agreed, I mailed the guys from Bulls as well. no response yet…

oh lol, you mailed them too :smiley:

Placed my order last week. Will post a review after it arrives