BK Deck/Dual VESC/ 6355 Motor/ MBS 8' Wheels/ Lifepo4 12S 14Ah

Hello everyone

this is the culmination my previous project here:

i started that project but due to the size of the battery and the decision of having motors under the deck had to change strategy and this is where i ended up.

First stop was getting a new deck that could fit the massive batteries i had and clearance for the motors, serching the web i found customskateboard.com and choose 42" x 10" Deck with a personalized graphic, being in NYC so went for a BK theme.



Dimensions wise was spot on but the flex of this thing was just too much it was going to kill the batteries on the first try :frowning: so what better excuse to apply some fiberglass to protect the graphic on the top and since i’m on it some carbon fiber to the bottom for stiffness to reduce that flex.

Fiberglass graphic protective layer

Bottom carbon fiber layer

for the battery are the same as my other post so i’ll not put them here, just go to the previous link.

For the battery enclosure i went with a 3 parts design to allow each individual element to move independently.

ok so here are more pics

and a short video :


Very nice build! Rolling through the grass looks so fun!

It’s really fun :slight_smile: just needs to be careful in the surface transition.

Hi bro, really thumbs up. Thats a beautiful board you got there… What about thise aluminum plates for longboards? ?? How can i get or make these? They look good… i have the mbs trucks and got to have the plates for the carving and maneuver

Hi, I know it is an old topic, but is it possible to have more info on how you made the aluminum riser? It does not appear to be the same as the one you used on the Ben Hur deck. I can’t see much even when I zoom at the max, it does not seem to be welded and I am curious about how it holds together.