BKB dual belt with Mountain Deck?

Hello everyone I’m very new to the Esk8 world. Ive have never skateboarded in my life and got my first Esk8 a few months ago. From that first ride I’ve been hooked. I’d like to do my first DIY build and was thinking about using the bkb Dual belt kit and swapping out decks for a mountain deck. I love the looks of Esk8’s with Mountain board decks. I wont be doing much if any serious offloading but hitting the occasional trail and small dirt patches I’d like to do. So basically my question is is it okay to use the bkb kit? I’ve been trying to learn snd absorb as much info as I can so forgive me if thats a stupid question.

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If you can level out the baseplates and seal the enclosure yes, but it’s a 35 degree angle offset and the deck will flex a lot. You’d absolutely need to either run the pneumatics or Cloudwheels