BKB Jet Spud Wheels & Motor Mounts Question

How do you attach the motor mounts & wheels to the trucks on the BKB Spud? I have tried to set mine up but so far nothing is able to mount properly - the wheel gears push so far onto the trucks that I am unable to evenly mount the motors. I also have no idea what to do with the bearings in the BKB kit; I have Zealous on my 107s.

It seems that, in order to get the wheels properly seated, I have to push the wheel gear as far back as possible. However, this causes the wheel gear to get caught on the motor mount screws (see pic below).


And it also prevents the other motor mount from being seated at an even distance from the 1st motor.


At this point I am pretty confused on this. Does anyone have any idea what I might be messing up?

I think the beating goes against the hanger with the pulley against the beating, but I’m not sure. I have a set and have them I stalled on 107s but haven’t mounted then on trucks yet. They are frikkin beautiful though.

I think if you use the beating you will have enough offset that the wheel pulley should match with the motor pulley perfectly.

Strange, I guess it being 107 causes this, you can try using spacers I suppose though i don’t know how much that will help.

I did notice using the big bearings on mine caused an offset like @mmaner said though thinking about it now i’m a dumbass becuase i dont think I put a spacer in between

@mmaner @Jc06505n

I do have the BKB bearings on the inner-wheel as an attempt to create an offset - however, the 1st motor-mount is still mounted too far along the trucks right hangar, preventing the left motor from having enough space to properly mount the wheel gear, which causes the issue in the first picture.

The zealous bearings were a part of the order too, though I had some already - I am not sure what the big bearing is for. Perhaps to act as a sort of spacer between the right-axle and the zealous?


Wait do you have regular skate bearings or the big bearings? I believe the Big bearings acts as a sort of spacer as well

@Jc06505n Within the 107s, I have a zealous on the outside and the bkb bearing on the inside. You think the 107s should have 2 zelous within and the bkb bearing should act as a spacer on the axle?

My only issue there I think would be that the axle nut would no longer have any space to lock the wheel in place.

No you have it right… the best you can do I guess is to slap some more speed rings on the axel and hope for the best , probably someone has more insight

I think I might have finally gotten it after some more tinkering @Jc06505n ; I placed the bkb bearing onto the axle to act as a spacer like you suggested @Jc06505n. Then I placed 1 zealous on the inside portion of the 107 wheel. This allowed the axle nut to thread & lock the wheel in placed:


This the the unmoved motor mount after placing the bkb bearing as spacer on the axle:


There is now plenty of space for me to place the motors at equidistant points.

No outter bearing?

Your wheels are going to fall off



Currently, yes - if I add the outer bearing, I will only be able to thread into half of the axle nut. Not enough space to fully place the nut on…


Not sure what else I can do though…there simply isn’t enough space on the axle for everything to fit properly…the wheel currently does fit quite well. Nothing seems loose, since the built-in spacer on the zealous is tightened against the nut.

Outter bearing is what holds the wheel on

Inside to outside; speed ring, wide bearing, wheel, regular bearing, flipped locknut.

What speed ring? Did you get one with your kit? Cause I think I did not…I assume the wide bearing you are referring to is the pair of bearkings that came with the kit?


Speed ring washer s-l300

Most commonly used in between hanger and bearing on axle and in between locknut and outer bearing. Allows less resistance on the bearings

I do currently have the speed ring washers on. I do not know though if I have the speed rings.

Same thing. Its a small little washer that will fit the axle.

Ah yes, then I currently have those on. However, if I place the outer bearing on, then I will be unable to place the lock nut fully onto the axle.

That’s why you flip the locknut so the nylon goes on first. Wouldn’t hurt to use some blue loctite too

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