Black Friday Deals?

So I’m a new boarder, and I’m going to choose my first electric skateboard. I found a post on Reddit. it’s about the Black Friday deals of Chinese electric skateboard👇 discount

I did some research about these brands, there are a lot of good reviews of Wowgo, and the discount is also big, but I’m still not sure. Can you help tell me more about these Chinese boards?


Here’s the complete post. post


they are enough to get your foot through the door but will very likely leave you wanting more. they aren’t as high quality parts so expect things to break earlier on than many of the quality stuff you’ll find around the forum.

If you know esk8 is gonna be something you’re really gonna enjoy then I’d recommend going for something that won’t disappoint. @psychotiller can put a board together that easily outperforms and outlasts any of those without a doubt.

Also the sub Reddit is mostly people who use budget boards and don’t really delve too much into the quality stuff that many use around the forum. So I’d suggest buying something good the first time instead of getting a budget Chinese board and end up breaking it or wanting something better


Really? Thanks for your suggestion. I’m a new boarder, just started to do the research of electric skateboard. Have you tried these Chinese boards? I saw a lot of videos on YouTube about them.

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Yeah I do actually. I’m currently running an Ownbord while I build my own esk8.

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oof ouch owie


If you’re going for budget board man then yeeplay baords have got a nice sale going on that could be worth checking out

How’s the Ownboard?

It should be Ownboard, right? Have you tried it?

I’ve personally never bought a prebuilt, but I have heard okay things about them. And yes it’s Ownboard, I was just cracking a joke :stuck_out_tongue:


:rofl:Ok. What have you heard about them? Which one is better?

Its holding up fine but thin urethane with a pretty hard duro don’t work well to give a comfortable ride. Its decent enough to give me an idea of what I really want in a board

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I have an Wowgo 2s with light use (~100 km) I can sell if anyone interested.

Why do you want to sell? It’s not good?

It’s great for an entry board, but I am finalizing my first build, so I won’t be using it anymore.

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Just so everybody knows, Wowgo has been creating profiles and using them to act as normal people impressed with the board to try and sell. Please ignore anyone with a new profile who is telling you that Wowgo is the best Esk8. I’ve also taken the liberty of IP banning the accounts, however they still appear to be popping up.


Thanks for keeping us safe Mom :laughing:


You want the Metroboard $200 off for Black Friday. The cheap china hub motor boards aren’t worth it.


Thanks for the message.