Black Friday Sale eBoardPeru Enclosures and Battery packs

I never had any GB or sale on any of my enclosures so If I’m ever gonna do it what a better time than Black Friday.

Here is the deal:

I’m offering US$ 30 coupons on all enclosures and US$ 100 coupons on all battery packs, limited ammount of coupons available.

Enclosure coupon: givemeback30bucks Battery packs coupon: givemeback100bucks

Coupons will be active from 00:01 Black Friday Night from 23 to 27 of November and deliveries will start in January, just enter the coupon code at checkout.

For a list of enclosures please click here, for a list of batteries click here

I’ll throw additional US$ 10 coupons for certain enclosures I currently have in USA, but the list will be released during Black Friday sale.

Moonshine Sidekick DS

Loaded Vanguard

Subsonic Talon Gen 1

Moonshine Sidekick SS

Landyachtz Evo 39" DS

Trampa HS11 DS

Trampa Carver

Landyachtz Evo SS

Jet Spud SS

12s Universal

Hi5ber Zenith


Jet Spud DS

Landyachtz Evo Falcon

12S universal battery (semiflex)

12s4p hs11/HolyPro/MBS Flexible battery pack

10s4p or 12s4p Vanguard DS battery


Is the 10s3p going to be available

Just wanted to let you know there might be a mistake on the 18” cruiser enclosure. I think it’s meant to be 15.2cm and it’s probably meant to be cm instead as currently it will fit in the palm of me hand🤔



How many amps can this pack output at max? What’s the size on those nickel strips?

looks like 12s4p 30q so 80A max. double 12 gauge wire is rated for 40A each. seems about right.


@winfly is correct

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Dammit, I was gonna pick up psycho’s evo enclosure for BF…decisions decisions.

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Lol, @Eboosted made it for ant man

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Will any of your enclosures for any trampa deck fit a 12s 5p set up with either 18650 or 20700 and either 2 x focbox or the unity ? (Thinking of doing a build next year ?

no need to ask those questions if your getting anything from @Eboosted

Cool I’ll put it on my board and pull 100a then. Gotta win that uphill race.

Seriously though, I’m not doubting his ability to build, just wanted to verify the specs.

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Yes. The Trampa Hs11 DS will fit 12s6p,12s6p,12s7p and 12s8p and it’s not too different than the SS

For the batteries, is it $100 extra off of the current sale you have going on?

Yes. 100 off the sale price.

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Just placed an order on a Trampa Enclosure, what are the chances that i could have it shipped out a bit before? Leaving for China and would love to have it before i leave so i can finalize the things in China.


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Hey man, all orders for Black Friday using the discount code are going to be shipped in January, they might ship sooner but I’ll depend on the ammount of orders I’ll get at the end of the sale.

If i were to pay you the discount i got back would that mean i could get it shipped before?

Yes, if you don’t use the discount code and choose DHL you will get the enclosure next week

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Hello! I tried to use the 30 dollars off code and it says it has expired.

Hello, coupons will expire tonight! Last chance!

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