Black Friday Sales

Great news Liion fans! Liion Wholesale is running a sale from Black Friday through Cyber Monday for retailers and wholesalers alike. We will be leveling the playing field just for a few days, where everyone gets the absolute top discount tier (500+ 18650 batteries, 30+ chargers, etc), no matter how little you order, for just a few short days. Stock up on batteries or chargers while the prices are low!

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Dang no 30Qs in stock!!! 15% off everything

I wish Trampa was having a sale :wink: @trampa

TGM Skateboards has some really good deals on Caliber trucks. $32-38 a pair. Plus these:

$5 off $50 — W0491HH07 $10 off $100 — JA3F61T74558

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