Black Sesame | Subsonic Talon | 2wd 6880 | 13s5p | 2x Focbox | Eboosted enclosure | ABEC 107 | Surf-rodz

I’m finally posting my build after procrastinating on it for weeks. This is by far my most ambitious (and expensive) build yet.

Important details (pictures below):

  • METRIC SKATE HARDARE (m5 screws). Honestly, this is the best thing I’ve ever done, now I don’t have to use any freedom unit tools when messing with this damn thing. Every screw on this board is now metric.
  • 13s5p 30q battery built by yours truly, shaped specifically to fit in @Eboosted enclosure which he designed for 10s5p
  • Subsonic talon deck with downhill flex, custom glass frit grip also done by myself
  • Maytech 6880 190kv motors, 17/40 ratio with metroboard motor pulleys and @dickyho wheel pulleys.
  • 2x Focbox - settings are FOC, 90/45 and -60/-18 I believe, or something similar
  • Surf-rodz 200mm black hangars (80mm hangar bolts) with @lrdesigns press fit adapters, and some old @marcmt88 mounts I had laying around, purple 45 degree baseplates
  • remote is mini remote with fish hook mod by @danile using two receivers instead of canbus or split ppm
  • Abec 107mm superfly wheels

Pictures (please excuse the poor photography): First, here are some pictures of the build in its finished/almost finished state. Some of the photos are from when I still had my TB 6355s mounted. IMG_0995%205




Profile shot IMG_2042%202

Here is the enclosure and everything inside. IMG_2489%203

Closeup of the wiring between battery and focboxes IMG_1672_3

P groups are connected by tinned copper braid. The battery P groups aren’t all flat, the 5th cell in each group had to be raised due to the shape of the enclosure. Also, the 7th P group was split up near the nose of the enclosure, with 2 pairs and 1 single cell soldered in parallel. I used fish paper to insulate those cells from any exposed braids, and there is no risk of shorting in that area bar any catastrophic failures. I also used fishpaper anywhere else it could be needed.

BMS wiring harness camphoto_1804928587%203

harness in action IMG_7792%203

You might also notice that I don’t have a BMS in the enclosure. In order to save space, I had to make a number of sacrifices:

  • I had to create a BMS harness to balance charge externally whenever I decide to. This means that charging normally through the charge port on the enclosure is not balancing. This isn’t a big deal, I haven’t had to balance charge yet. I suspect that since I only ride once a week on SF group rides, I’ll only have to open this thing once every couple months.
  • I had to remove most connectors and solder power wires directly together.
  • Even if I wanted, I wouldn’t be able to fit an anti spark switch, let alone a beefy one for a 13s5p battery, so I had to use an as150 anti spark plug. The way I mounted it is heavily inspired by @Deckoz (as well as the way I squeezed in 65 cells lol).

A few things to note:

  • Eboosted enclosure is for an earlier version of the Talon I believe, so its just about an inch too long. I filled the gap in the front with a D-shaped rubber seal.
  • I now have braided cable covers
  • Unfortunately, there are 1-2 threaded inserts that back out no matter what I do, so I’m currently ignoring them. It’s fine, I have 16 other screws holding the enclosure and battery and stuff to the deck.

A few things I would definitely do differently if possible

  • get a stain on the Talon. While the look has grown on me, I still kind of regret getting an blank Talon. Subsonic gives options to get custom colors stained onto your deck for only $5 extra or something.
  • Use the knife thread inserts (these instead of the kind I used (these The former have never backed out on me, even without epoxy.
  • less, but bigger screws. I’ll use like 10 m5 screws total next time instead of 18 m4 screws, idk why I ever thought using 18 was a good idea.

Those Subsonic builds are truly beautiful, congrats on such a nice build.

Post more pictures of the board sitting on the floor

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This is super-awesome.


What a build! What kind of speed are you getting on that beast? Guess you can’t tell because no bluetooth module :confused: I was also wondering why you opted for 2 receivers over a canbus wire. What are the benefits?

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I hit 37mph on the 6355s with a little throttle left, we’ll see what I can hit on the 6880s. I haven’t tried to max the speed on those yet, due to a lack of trying. I think it will be similar

As for the 2 receivers, I did that so that one vesc blowing wouldn’t potentially cripple the other which is a possibility on canbus. I do lose traction control, but I haven’t had any traction issues yet. I’m running 13s so blowing a vesc a real possibility.

edit: I do have a bluetooth module


What was the gearing on your 6355s?

15/40. I suspect the 6880s are a little lower KV than the 6355 motors though, which is why I expect similar speeds

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Beautiful build! What is the process of the glass frit for the deck?

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To do the glass frit, I used minwax water based spar urethane ( I used the gloss version, but I’m fairly certain you can use satin or semi-gloss as well.

All I did was put on a coat of this stuff, sprinkle some medium glass frit on, then applied a few more coats of urethane over the next 10 hours or so. You can touch it up with the same process if it wears off, and you can also use fine glass frit if the medium is a little too chunky for you. @longhairedboy has some more in depth tutorials if you wanna take a look at them.

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Here’s a picture I had on my phone of the underside, showing off the enclosure you made for me :wink:



Thanks! I’ll give it a try

i use both gloss and semi gloss, it just depends on the rest of the aesthetic. On black out stealth boards i even use matte to minimize reflections. and sometimes i do spot finishes where the whle board is matte and the section i want to pop is gloss.


Took it out for a ride today, it performed admirably.


I have issues with either the Bluetooth module or the app I use, so I couldn’t track my speed. But based on those around me I hit about 35mph. I found myself wanting more speed so I may move to 36t pulleys.


Turns out 107s don’t save you from absolutely everything


This is insane. Well done!

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Absolutely beautiful… One question how is the grip with glass frit compare to a normal grip tape? I am also thinking in using it but not sure if it will be kinda slippery.

This steel shhet they use to cover roads under constructions are super scary.


It seems to be pretty grippy. I think it would be even grippier if I used some fine grit glass frit as well. Once I add some finer glass I’ll update you!

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Do you use epoxy to seal it?

I used minwax water based spar urethane to seal in the glass

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I will look for it, is it real transparent or change a bit the colour? Maybe it’s easier to find it local than epoxy. Thx.