Black Tsunami | yocaher dropthrough | double kingpin | BLDC | flipsky kingpin mounts | Mboard 12s4p | Dual FSESC4.20 100A

Hello this is the first board I’m planning on building, but I’m not sure if my parts are compatible or if I’m missing anything. So before i go and order 1200$ in parts I would like to get some assurances and suggestioins by other enthusiasts.

parts list:

364$-12s4p battery -

89$-Motor -

40$ - Anti spark button -

119$- double kingpin trucks -

40$- Motor mount -

139$- dual flipsky esc -

75$- vx2 remote -

60$ – 100mm torque wheels -

10$- 15mm pulley -

80$- enclosure -

69.99$- 36” deck -

The MBoards battery is a big no, they are very dangerous if you even get it sent to you

I’d stay away from the older Flipsky parts if you can

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what 12s4p battery would you recomend that is as affordable as possible? my budget is below 1400 dollars and im already at 1200ish

I can make you a really nice one if you want, message me on and I can get a quote for you

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