Black Tuesday Y'all

Sale on mounts, 200mm RKP single mount and 200mm RKP dual mount trucks.

Ripba/Quick 66 $60

200mm RKP set and single Ripba $100

200mm RKP set and Dual Ripba $140

200mm RKP Trucksets (no mounts) $30

Any questions? Peep my site. All the answers are there. Words…


I peeped, there’s an answer, I don’t like it :yum: Dual under deck 6374 possible?

Nope!!! But thanks for reading! Haha You need those 218’s or Surfrodz for anything bigger than a true 65mm


What about one to the front and one to the rear? Will your mounts do that?

Yup! No problem.

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Yup. His mounts will

Are they long enough to clear the truck base when going to the back with a 63mm motor. I guess I’m talking about the center to center distance.

Yes they are. They are fully adjustable and reverseable.

Enclosure sale you say? /wink

Every truck/mount comes in a free enclosure :yum:

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Buy a battery and you get 20% off an enclosure.

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Box or enclosure?

Seriously?! If you guys need an enclosure Methinks you can buy one from my site. They are more than available.

Are these 1/8" 3/16" or 1/4" thick

1/8" .125 ABS sheet

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Happpy Thanksgiving!! I Hope you all have a great day.


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