Black Widow | Hummie Deck | 10s5p 30Q | Haggy Bergmeister | Dual Flipsky 6374 | FOCBOX Unity |

And so, since my previous build with my board took a beating because of lower end electronic components, going all out is the option instead of cheaping out and doing more work to make things actually work. Parts: Hummie Deck 10s5p Samsung 30Q’s custom pack (with cheap China BMS) CHARGE ONLY Haggy’s 6" Bergmeister Pneumatics Dual Flipsky 6374 motors Custom CNC’ed Motor mounts Torqueboards’ 218mm Trucks Pulley from marcmt88 FOCBOX Unity

Honestly speeking, I haven’t calculated range yet. On 97mm wheels I get 40km+ 36/15t ratio I will update on range with the bergmeisters, gearing at 60/18t.

I made 6 holes on each side just to be safe :slight_smile: BA5BB526-0EEB-42CF-B9C0-66A7B3AE80C2 DA394A88-213D-4B5A-BF58-3069067A3B16

The arrival of my unity from the first group buy + battery pic (It has a little flex and is parted in two, each side is 5s5p) C958FCF7-E8F9-4DC1-BF8A-08C0913B9014

Some testing on 97mm flywheel’s 01A376BF-FFA0-4BD4-8760-F3CF7C14141C

Timo at Haggy is such a great guy, can’t give him and his team enough credit for the work and CS they provide to us. A5A0907F-594F-410E-B56F-4C3C0419FF82 9549BDCE-C278-45FB-8A72-CCFC22F96CB4 Assembly F89407AE-7C78-4100-B22E-3F40FB3A2199 B36F0DAB-3111-48E9-809B-846DD4F0B410 BBCFE0E5-7B40-4A52-84B6-ED4AF1F03D43 887D2F18-9C6F-46D0-89DB-2B69E642F6B0

Final Product, ran it through dried out winter roads, some salt and some ice. It’s safe to say I sent it. Only issue I am having is having the right amount of tightness on my belt (causing some skips on hard acceleration/deceleration) due to the fact that I cannot move the motor back and forth as much. For those who appreciate the pics, I hope this guide/showcase was fun to run through! Thanks for reading through if you got this far, feel free to ask questions or give me suggestions :slight_smile: ESK8MTRL squad is growing, come visit us :smiley: 8ACFE027-7696-40D7-A857-0A2B6199CD2E 6BF51496-245D-4154-AE7B-D8F55BF0AB15


How do you like them Marc’s pulleys?

They feel like they are metal pulleys but I know they are plastic. This type of plastic is a godsend, it’s perfect and makes my haggy’s look :ok_hand:

Edit: The quality is as good as it’s feels, and if it feels great to hold and to ride. Would recommend it if you are interested in POM pulleys.


One of the beeter looking hummie builds with AT, good job. The grip job is sweet.

what light system is that on the helmet… looks sweet

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We are brothers in arms!

@Komamtb It’s an EL tape set made for motorcycles off banggood :wink: Was way cheaper than buying the US version but not as clean.

Newest upgrade, APS remote and pics of the inside electronics :slight_smile: Next upgrade is a sick set of motor mounts from the famous marcmt88, the Janux series mounts <3 Bout time I go all out on quality parts

IMG_20190211_200542 IMG_20190211_163327 IMG_20190211_163320


How do you like that “alien power systems” remote? I was interested in knowing if it’s any good for DIY builds?

For the little time I used it before I got hit with cruddy weather, It felt much better/lighter than the standard Mini Remote.

  • The trigger also feels much better than the Mini, as the neutral to braking is much smaller than the Mini Remote. On the Mini Remote I would have to pull my finger all the way up until the trigger went inside the remote housing for me to hit full brakes. It just didn’t feel good as the APS remote

  • I was planning on running a firefly remote with my build until I realized that the FOCBOX Unity wasn’t compatible with the code originally made with the firefly (noting that the only part that wouldn’t work would be the telemetry).

  • The APS has a switch which I need to turn on before I actually turn on the remote, it’s like a safety switch so that the battery doesn’t drain overtime; which it will if the switch is not off. I find it a bit dumb as the switch is super small, but I feel like it’s more of a safety feature than a downside.

  • Also the last downside of the Mini Remote that it doesn’t have is that it uses 2x AA batteries as the APS remote uses a rechargeable and replaceable LiPo battery. (Also the APS remote looks much better aesthetically and is much sleeker than the bulky Mini Remote).

Conclusion: It’s a good remote if you find a good price for it, otherwise the Mini Remote would be a good option money wise within NA.

Edit: Here’s a pic of what I have tried and used before the APS (trigger remotes) image

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Wait so which remote is the “Mini” that you are referring to?

The one in the middle… :slight_smile:

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I am building a similar set up!

  • 10SP5 30Q homeMade with BSM 140 Bestech
  • FocBox Unity
  • 6374 190kv

I just bought a spot welder for the batteries. What nickel stripes have you used?

Could you share the electric schematic and the max amperes in the Unity Focbox, please?

Thanks a lot in advance!

BTW: I love your build! :slight_smile:

I believe it was 10mm x .15 strips, I will probably do the same on my new 20700 pack I plan on making next month or so. Also worth noting that I used 10Awg wires to connect all my parallel packs in series (gives a bit of flex in the end).

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Yes! I wanna use the 10AWg wires to plug the parallel packs. Building this way, is it necessary to overlap nickel strips? What is the best way to connect copper wires?

It will be my first battery, and although I’m reading a lot in the forum, I still have some doubts. :slight_smile:

How’s the 6374 flipsky motors going?

They have been holding up till now. I finished a commissioned build recently with flipsky V3 6354 motors and on one of them a magnet had fallen out of place and had shredded a corner of itself during the buyers ride. I think they had gotten strict with the 6374 motors but someone was slaking on the 6354’s.

My first V1 6354 motors have been holding up fine to date as well. Each set has gone +200kms and I have over 500km on my 6374 motors.

I have a new build coming up, next in line of my Venom boards with a monster 20700 battery :slight_smile:

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