Blank deck suggestion

Hey guys just got my board today and it was super cheap . Website saids $33 but with my exchange rate (Canadian), taxes, 3mm spacers and grip tape I think it was like $60-$65. I got the no kick drop thru and I’ll be too mounting my setup so I’ll have approx. 4” clearance to the ground

Uploading… Haven’t applied my grip tape yet tho

You should turn that into an esk8 is my suggestion :stuck_out_tongue:

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@Conman I think you mean “top mount” (since you’re not using the drop-through mounting option).

Ohh that’s the plan. Basically this for simplicity sake


I stand corrected . Thanks my good sir

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hows the flex on the deck?

skateshred is a great site I get the trucks and wheels I use for my custom complete boards there. The real deal is the wholesale price when you spend $300+

I couldn’t feel any at all but the turning on it’s a lot more loose than I expected cause of the curves side walls but I’ll just get some harder bushings when I make it an esk8 so I don’t turn and bump the motor

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And I weigh about 200-210lbs . I think that’s about 95kg

What is the weight of this board, blank?

Ahh wish I could say for sure. I’ll check tomorrow but light man. Surprisingly cause at first I thought it would flex given how light it was but it’s only 7 ply Canadian maple

@Conman, what motor mount did you use in your photo?

I believe a 6374 in that pic . It is not mine tho. My board will be very similar l tho. Just waiting on shipping now