BLDC download Mac OSX not working

The link for the OS X download on the BLDC download website isn’t working, is there another way to download it? I used to have the BLDC tool but i must have deleted it.

I just downloaded it a couple days ago. What website are you using?


edit:please let me know when you get this so I can remove the link

Tried that link the other day too, didn’t work

This one works perfectly

Worked! thanks for that.

No worries. You can always find it using the directory of his site. However for the purpose of keeping his site functioning the way he intended it’s best to try that button first.

Hey one more question, which firmware can i use for the desc 4.10 and where can I find it, will the 2.18 firmware work?

The screenshots show iOS and not OSX, though it says it’s for OSX. And when I download that file it’s .exe which is not for OSX…

So confused.

Happened to me too. But I downloaded it again and it came as a .dmg file.

.exe all day long.

When I click “older versions” they’re all “Windows” and .exe also. I’m guessing the link is setup wrong.

Here’s the correct link thanks to @saul