Bldc OS X vesc has newer firmware (2.53) than bldc version supports

Hi I’m getting this message with my new vesc x and need help doing this properly without blowing a vesc-x. TIA!

Did you change the firmware? Should be 2.18 by default

I just bought the raptor off someone. (I sold my last setup too early, and my Carvon’s and raptor 2 are taking too long, so needed a board pronto) lol But this is how it came so trying to get it sorted

Try this:

Ah ok, it has @Ackmaniac’s firmware (2.53)

Did you install the BLDC_Tool from here Because that’s what firmware your vesc’s are using. You can use the regular BLDC_tool but you would also need the corresponding firmware for it.

Is this different than the standard BLDC tool ?

No it’s 2.18 also

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got it. @SeanHacker sent me the link… appreciate all the quick replies… this forum is amazeballs. a couple other questions though.

  1. how are the R-Spec Duals in FOC mode? if it works well, does somebody have saved parameters/values i can piggyback off of?
  2. i just bought the 12mm pulley kit. First of all, does it fit correctly or do i need to dremel the truck a tad, and is there really more torque? Basically asking, are these components worth upgrading to on a dual setup?

IMO, let the dual motors roar in BLDC