BLDC - Saved Settings Question

I have a VESC 4.10 with firmware 2.10

I have a problem/concern about connecting to the latest BLDC tool as my firmware is old and I cannot find saved original settings file to upload and revert to should all go Pete Tong.

Plan was to simply use an old version of the BLDC tool but there was a problem opening this as DLL files were missing, these I managed to restore but then got following message and gave up.

If I use current version of BLDC and update firmware to 2.18 will the current VESC settings be lost?

Sorry if this is an amateur question - I’d prefer to look a fool and keep skating than have to spend time working out my optimum settings once again.

Thanks in advance

Yea the vesc will be reset to default.

It shouldn’t be that much work to get your settings right. Really it’s just a few numbers and a motor detection.

Take the plunge and update. No point in a programmable ESC that you can’t program lol

Thank you for quick response.

That’s good to know.

I’d rather not have to go through tweaking again, it’s a pain to keep opening my enclosure to connect VESC each time.

Ideally I’d like to find a way to access settings file and save before updating firmware.

Still at least now I can plan for the worst : )

Thank you for link - good idea

I could just leave the USB lead connected feed it out of enclosure and bag the end whilst tweaking - hadn’t thought of that before.

Still frustrating as settings are sweet.

Reason for wanting to be able to restore current settings is that I wanted to use the VESC for testing a different board/set up and simply restore and switch back once done.

Another solution is to buy another VESC for current project and leave the other alone.

Has anyone a link to any older versions of the bldc tool? If I can reinstall a version that works with fw2.10 i can save my settings before updating to 2.18 and wiping everything.

BLDC 2.10