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BLDC TOOL for OS X and Windows

this is just a quick video showing how to download and install bldc tool for windows and OS X.

if any one has any more requests please let me know.


Should be very helpful

I downloaded newest BLDC version from Your site yesterday, somehow it does not want to work on my macbook air, I have OS X El Capitan 10.11.4 Beta (maybe that’s why…) Older BLDC version which I downloaded some time ago worked though. Thanks for Your input to community and developing iOS app for VESC, what hardware will be nescessary (simple bluetooth module?) to allow it communication with VESC?

It could be requiring the beta version as I’m not on that and if could be that I need to update Xcode and recompile it. But I can’t test as I don’t want Togo to a beta build of OS X

I had to recompile it locally, since there is a dependency pointing to your local qt setup inside the build in your version. It works now for me, but it could be that others are having that problem too.

You could test it with this one, I made it myself so no guarantees for OSX 10.11.4 Beta :wink:,22947134/BLDC_Tool_216.dmg/

iv fixed the problem and will repost in just a few mins

Super nice, will check it out right now! :smile:

@jacobbloy, just downloaded your latest version but I’m having issues trying to run it. I’m running OS 10.10.5


@squad @BigAl, can you both please check it i was looking after my 4 day old baby and he sister and forgot to upload it.

@jacobbloy No worries, family is priority! I just redownloaded and it still gives the same version error.


can you please screen shot and post it for me

Here you go @jacobbloy .

thanks, for now just download a copy of 2.15 and ill have this fixed by the end of the day

@BigAl should be working now, please check for me.

BLDC tool works now with my OS X. Thank You @jacobbloy!

No worries! It’s funny how just a few code changes can stuff every thing up!

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@jacobbloy Ok the ole girl is working now.

Thanks Jacob

Is there a possibilty to beta test it? Do you upload the Code to github?