BLDC tool is says 'bad detection result recieved' when I try to detect the motor

So I am new to all of this, this is my first time and I don’t really know what I am doing. I have set the voltage limits and then I got to detect the motor and it doesn’t spin or anything. I have 2*5s lipos and a 6374-192 motoe?

Make sure all phase wires are fully connected. Can u post a pic of ur vesc settings?

Also if your wheel and motor pulley are attached. Remove the belt and just let the motor spin. I had mine set to hybrid and forgot to plug in sensor wires. It failed until I plugged those in. Also failed a few with the belt attached

I will post a pic when I get home from work :slight_smile:

No pulley is attached at the moment, and I don’t thing my is a hybrid, how would I know?

I’m thinking it has something to do with the battery cutoff voltages but I thought I had set them right?

What S is your setup? 10s 6s 12s?

Your battery cutoff may be above your input volts. That might be your problem as well

I have 2*5s so 10s. I think I have identified the problem though. I believe I have a faulty DRV… I have no clue how though

I had the same problem. Remove the CANBUS wire before running motor detection from each VESC.

Which one is the CANBUS wire? Sorry, I’m new to all of this

The wires you see here between the VESCs are canbus. They’re usually black or white in most cases though. However I didn’t notice previously that you only have a single motor, therefore only one VESC. So this is probably not the issue you have. Sorry

I had the same issue with my single drive. There is no need to remove the belts (at least in my experience during motor detection) change the battery cutoff start to 8v. Run the motor detection once everything is set change the battery cutoff start to the suggested V for your 10S setup.

Shout out to @yummyblobs for this tip.

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Ah okay, I only have 1 VESC though, I forgot to mention that!

Mine is single drive too, tried the 8v, exactly the same

I get this fault in the terminal, looks like my brand new VESC’s DRV is damaged somehow

Fault : FAULT_CODE_DRV8302 Current : 0.2 Current filtered : 0.2 Voltage : 41.56 Duty : 0.02 RPM : 1.9 Tacho : 7 Cycles running : 4 TIM duty : 991 TIM val samp : 523 TIM current samp : 22415 TIM top : 43784 Comm step : 1 Temperature : 23.30

U can ask @jonnymeduse for a repair otherwise u have to buy a new one. Sorry

I know the post is old, but this worked for me. Thanks