BLDC Tool? Where the heck is it?

I’ve been trying to get the bldc tool for ages but I can’t figure it out! I download the windows files supplied through vedders webiste but the windows link has no runnable files?

There is nothing. Could some perhaps upload there windows installer file for BLDC tool? Seems like the vedder sight no longer hosts the files cause even the URL file provided in that download leads to an empty page.


EDIT: The site the files points to is and which are nothing.

Probably taken of as there is a different version now. I think its called vesc tool. Ackmaniac has his version on a Dropbox I think That’s where you need to go

seriously dude…

just search “BLDC Tool” on here, or search for the newer version “VESC Tool”

Thank you!

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Nah, it is actually kind of hard to find. the only place i was able to find it a while back was on the enertion website.

You have to “buy” it.

i have been wondering about this for a while, maybe one of you can shed some light on this for me.

Im currently using bldc tool from enerton on my FOCBOX. I have seen mention of the VESC tool on here before. Is this a branch or has this superseded BLDC tool?

If so why are enerton still distributing BLDC tool.

Which should i be using on my FOCBOX?

(I think) VESC-Tool is still technically a beta, and enertion doesn’t want to be held responsible for any problems or damaged caused by a beta FW not tested by them. I personally think it’s a bit overrated, tried it once, instantly switched back to ack’s 2.54

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you can download it here too

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