BLDC Tool with Nyko

Hello I got the Nyko Wirless controller and soldered it to a JST and connected that to the VESC. I am struggling with having the motor activated with the remote. Currently my VESC is connected to the BLDC tool. The remote is on and light from both my remote and receiver are on. when i press C the light on the receiver starts flashing. So i know they are connected properly. However, when I press accelerate nothing happens. I have already read/write configurations for the Motor and App. Any help would be appreciated.

you will have to enable nunchuck and current control in the BLDC tool.

Yeah I did that already :confused:

So I go the remote connected. And it accelerates but the reverse function is not working. Any ideas about why? I have the bldc tool on current and reverse. Are there any other parameters I need to change to make it go in reverse?

tap the Z button once to go to reverse mode. you still push forward on the remote, back is always break for both forward and reverse mode.