BLDC Toolon Raspbian or UbuntuMateRaspberry Pi

Would BLDCTool run under Raspbian (or even UbuntuMate) on a Raspberry Pi? Would one just follow the instructions from Vedder for installing on Ubuntu 14?

I got it running under raspbian. But I don’t remember all the necessary steps anymore. If you only want to use it to see the real time data then it would be easier to use apps in combination with a Bluetooth module.

Okay, thanks for the advice.I will try the bluetooth and apps for that stuff, but still want a Pi for other quick programming changes.

I tried the install on a Pi under Raspian but only got as far as the second command line before the typical errors asociated with repositories and versions and flavors started piling in. I was wondering if maybe you or someone tried to install something like ‘UbuntuMate’ first on the Pi, then install BLDC tool.

I know I’m raising this topic from the dead, but I was wondering if you managed to run BLDC tool on the Pi?