Bldcc tool / trampa focbox bldc tool / vsec-tool / new vedder tool - me confused


Can anyone summarize these - no detail needed - I’ll search for that, I just need to know several of these aren’t actually the same thing entirely - sorry for such noobness, just gets confusing!

BLDC Tool - Standard / original, likely used with most 4.2 version boards FocBox BLDC Tool - Customized and improved version for use with FocBox boards Extended BLDC tool - Custom, requires custom firmware, by Ackmaniac VSEC tool - Trampa customised, not released yet, relates to focbox? VSEC 6.0 BLDC tool - Vedder new software for use with 6.0 boards, maybe same as above?

Sorry several of those are probably the same thing or I have the origin wrong. Reason I ask is that on Vedder’s forum he discusses new software and massive improvements to the motor detection algorithms and how much better they work with lager hubs. I have a very large hub… so is important to me. So maybe I need to wait for that version to arrive, hopefully it will work for focbox (which I just bought) or the guys making the focbox tool incorporate the new algorithms. Or maybe those algorithms are new hardware dependant and wont help with 4.2 based focbox, or maybe they are already in the focbox software!

I feel like moron, so apologies.