Blew up a FOCBOX last weekend :(

I was out riding on my dual motor board and noticed one of the motor mounts was really loose, so I unplugged the motor from the enclosure and put it in my bag.

Thought it would be fine to run it single motor for a bit but apparently not. On the ride home the wheels locked up when I was going about 25 or 30 mph, dunno how I didn’t crash but the board wouldn’t turn on. Got home and unplugged everything and this is what the Vesc looks like now. Won’t be doing that again I guessIMG-20180701-WA0002


The phase wires must have touched during the ride.


Even with the phase wires not touching, is it safe to ride with one vesc switched on getting signal from the remote but with motor unplugged?

That sucks dude. I’ve had the same thing happen and I disconnected one of my motors and rode it like that for a few days. I’m thinking @Battosaii is right. You phase wires probably touched. I electric taped my while I was riding.

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If your connected to can bus I would think it might cause issues, split ppm I feel would be less likely to cause issues with disconnecting 1 motor and continuing a ride… However my knowledge on the topic is very limited… Either way @JohnnyMeduse is your man and can likely repair it for you


If connected through canbus traction control would not let you accelerate if one motor is not spinning or disconnected.

Assuming traction control is enabled.

Its enabled be default on all my focboxes. Unless you turn it off it will be enabled.