Blew up FOCBOX, which components to repair?

Hello guys,

today I was testing my new remote on the bench when my focbox blew up because I was stupid and did some unloaded rev ups. Can I repair it myself? I have some experience with soldering smd and I have a rework station. Does anyone know which parts I need to order. If I can fix it, I will no longer run in FOC mode again… back to BLDC.

Maybe someone can repair it for me?

thanks a lot! MatthewIMG_0998IMG_1592IMG_4807

Definitely the DVR is blown. Contact @JohnnyMeduse he is the go to repair dude for vesc/focbox

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You can purchase the platinum warranty to get it replaced if you purchased it from Enertion

It’s an enertion focbox but I bought it from someone on ebay. So I guess that doesn’t count?


Then you have to do following 1: Purchase the platinum warranty from here: 2: Include your order Id/transaction id of Ebay in the comment 3: Ship the faulty unit to our agent in US (Will provide address afterwards)

Then you are good to have a brand new FOCBOX

I’ll just buy a new one and try to repair this myself. It will cost me 15 euro’s.

Ah bad luck, man. Blew my focbox spectacularly, lots of smoke, one phase wire seemed to have disconnected itself, maybe too much heat due to bad solder joint?

Also, was an unloaded rev (blew after only a second, was not extended, I was just checking remote was paired, heard it blow almost instantly after spinning up), did not realise this was a thing? Should I not be revving unloaded?