Blew up my Vesc but why?

Well just got my space pro 4 then plugged with vesc and motor (just as Jacob’s demonstration video) then it just blown…completely no idea what happened… Can anyone please give me some suggestion?

The red cable seems punctured by the pins near the edge of the pcb where the burn mark is, is this the case? Maybe that could have caused a short?

+1 for the red cable.

Really don’t know … It was sealed in the heat shrink and couldn’t see anything wrong but it ended up blown itself… :frowning2:

That left pin above your burned component definitely punctured your red supply cable. I would suggest to everyone cutting all extruding pins from the bottom of the pcb ( or hotglue over it)

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You mean it inserts into the red cable that’s why got shorted? Then how long can I cut the extruding pins? All way to pcb?

OH by the way the fuse on pro4 didn’t blow up and the vesc now smells terrible…oh gosh

I’m sure there must be an entry hole right in the bend of the red cable. You can cut them as low as possible all the way to the PCB.

It’s usually the sensor connector that’s puncturing the supply leads, but there was a fair warning on revisioning your enertion VESC’s over here, If you have the platinum warranty vesc I’m sure enertion will cover it…

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Thanks bro, I haven’t read any threads on forum for like 4 days then the pro4 came 3 hrs ago, I plugged them together and the result you can see is… haha… :poop:

And does anybody know what those chips I blew up are? Just curious. Thanks.

Yeah, I know it sucks. I guess it’s just part of the general RC hobby. Sometimes you blow stuff up… You should be running again within 2 weeks. Enertion should have plenty of VESC stock. Ask them to send an extra crimp foil, so you can remove it, cut the pins and wrap it again.

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HOHO I still have one vesc (dual drive) and I’m now working on it not to mention where I live is only approx 15 mins drive to Enertion HQ so… :muscle:

Anyway, thank you Skitzor. Appreciated your info :nerd:

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That’s a luxury where half of this forum is going to be jealous of !

Cool mate! Using fingernail cut to cut those evil pins… because can’t find anything smaller to fit in lol and it runs like a champ

@onloop have you seen this thread yet? Sent email to enertion support and you week ago then got nothing but wanted me to wait more days… why enertion always doing things slow? It’s hard to support you guys by your working efficiency.

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I’m in same boat with my vesc, it’s been over a week now too.

Remember that enertion is not a polished big company, but a guy now with a small team, working out of his garage. He’s publicly stated he gets more emails than he could answer if he sits at his computer the entire day every day. He also has a newborn and a wife to take care of, so that’s made the situation even worse. I believe he’s doing what he can, but he has way more work than he can do, and it takes time to hire the right people.

This lack of communication is one reason I don’t buy enertion. That, and my terrible experience with enertion vescs breaking in less than 2 days (and the other came broken). I was blamed for breaking them, and was given no solution but to buy a new one at full price.

Since the warning has been out there, you will likely not get them replaced unless you had bought the platinum. And they don’t offer a repair service, so be ready to buy a new one and learn from this mistake (which was really a manufacturers mistake). My solution is: buy from chaka. they are of a better quality, he makes them in house himself, if anything breaks ever, he will fix them for free or at the little cost of components. Never throw away a vesc again because you have nowhere’s to turn to fix it.

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Yeap bro you’re right… gonna buy one from chaka if enertion keep doing nothing…

After reading too many of these types of threads where honest people are getting substandard product, I cannot buy Enertion. It goes against all good judgement. There is just not enough support for the product and the product doesn’t seem to be quality controlled. Those pins sticking up should never have been acceptable. Enertion VESC are supposed to be IPC2 standard, but I am not confident that this standard is being adhered to. I buy Ollinboardco VESC because of the higher standard and quality control. Chaka is a small business too, but he has his shit together and provides the highest quality possible. 12 month service warranty included!! Isn’t that the advantage of being small? So that you CAN provide great customer service. Enertion is a classic example of a company that scaled up too quickly without sufficient infrastructure to support itself. [email protected] diy-electric-skateboard-kits-parts/vesc-the-best-electric-skateboard-esc/ is really stepping up as well. You can buy the additional 1 year warranty and still be competitively priced with OBC.I don’t see any failure threads for his VESC either. If you are in the EU, then I hear that Elkick is the man for the job…

Did you buy the vesc with a 12 months replacement warranty? If so we send you another vesc instantly.

If not you need to return it to the factory in the USA and wait for them to confirm the fault.