Blinking red light

There is a major problem in my vesc i think. The battery is going great. The motor is also good i think. But when i look at the bldc tool i see this. My vesc is blinking red and this happened when I was riding on flat ground and then it just cut out. Any ideas? My controller (normal RC controller) also is connected but the vesc is doing everything kill my fun. also there is a problem code DRV8302

need more details…

what is your setup, screen shots of your motor configuration tabs…


what is your setup, what type of batteries, how many cells. what type of motor.

screen shot of the BLDC tab.

did you do a motor detection?

My setup is normal space cell from raptor 1 enertion r spec (the bigger) motor and vesc

when you go in the terminal and type “faults”

what appears

here kdsvlkndvl

well seems you have a hardware problem, i’m guessing you had this problem previously and tried upgrading the firmware to see if it would go away?

what hardware revision of the vesc do you have?

i have 4.11 and i have upgraded just to 2.18 and no, i have not had this problem ever

so this problem appeared after updating to 2.18?

in the BLDC tab, do a detection and hit apply, the numbers are usually rounded, i’m not sure it likes fractions

no this problem occurred while i was going somewhere and the settings are the same as normally, have been so for 2 years

and it doesnt make a difference

does the motor even run when you do a motor detection?

i dont know how to do that

oh it will not spin or do anything when i detect

When you get the DRV8302 error. This is pretty much the death of the device.

you can always fix your vesc if you send it to a DRV wrangler. but ya, your vesc is damaged

now, and ok i will kill myself now jk

thank you for all the help and if there is a possibiliti to fix this i would be happy.