Blitzu for Trampa stl file request

Hello guys, I’m looking for the STL file for Trampa Street Carver Deck for my Blitzu rear light, I know this base is pretty popular so I decided to ask here if anyone could share it.

I found this STL file on thingiverse but it has the gopro mount which would make it look bulkier and the loght would be pointing 45 degrees to the top, so I’m not sure if it’ll look good.

Hello guys, I’m still looking for this.

@Kaly do you have it?

I can draw it without the GoPro section if that’ll help?

Is this what you are looking for?

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Hey man! Thanks a lot.

I’m wondering what would be needed to position the light in this orientation, pointing backwards parallel from the ground and not pointing 45 degrees to the top.

can you measure the angle of the tail? With that I can correct for it. Also, if you can get me the measurements to the center of the screw holes from the end of the tail and both sides, plus the diameter of the screw holes, I can make it so you dont have to drill new holes.

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The angle of the tail against the floor is roughly 30 degrees

The lenght between the center of the screws to the tail end is 16mm, 17mm should have 1mm of clearance

The screws are M5 so the diameter of the screw holes could be 6mm in order to fit better

Hello @mmaner were you able tyo work on this?

Just sent you a 3D of the deck. It has the M6 holes in for mounting the truck. As I can see, you use the M5 holes. So you need to consider that. Angle is 30°. If you stand on the board it gets a bit more.


I got it Frank thanks, that would help me and @mmaner to design the Blitzu holder.

Please don’t forget to ship my urban carver bearings and spacers

Hi @mmaner, first I want to thank you to help us with yours .stl files.

This is exactly what I was looking for.

Can you send me this .stl file ?

Is it possible to rotate the entry for the Blitzu light, in this model once we put the light is not possible to remove it to charge.

He hasn’t still developed the file yet, hope he gets some time to work on it

I haven’t done it yet, was covered up at work. Ill do my best to get it done tomorrow. I could design the mount to use a pivot joint, but it wouldn’t be as strong. I would suggest just doing it on a 30deg tilt.

There would be no need to make a pivot mechanism, at 30 degrees it would work perfect.

I thought this image was from the .stf file already done! I mean that I am going to use in my regular board, i don’t need this modifications for Trampa’s board.

Thanks @mmaner

That one is done. There’s also this one… https :// …But it has the GoPro mount too. I’ll have to find the one that doesn’t, I’ll look tomorrow at work.

That Stl file would make the light slide from the bottom to the top, I’m not sure if that would be a good idea, the light could slide out with vibrations

If I had a Blitzu or a 3D, I could design something. Should be easy.


@Eboosted Is this what your looking for?

@h0ttz I am looking for the original without the GoPro mount, if I don’t find it this morning I’ll redraw it and send it to you.

Yes Mike, but I wonder why is the blitzu holder sliding from the bottom instead that from the top? Wouldn’t it slide down and fall due vibrations?

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