Blitzu for Trampa stl file request

Sure, the link is above.

@mmaner I confirmed it’s 41mm between centers, I’ll print it today and report back with the results.

Thanks a lot for your time :grinning:

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No worries brother, post a pic so I can see it in the wild :).

o, this dimension only work on street carver/urban carver deck. anywhere, thanks for the file~~ great job~~

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Sure!!! I uploaded the pictures for the version 4.1.

Thank you one more time!!!

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Hi, you have to consider two more facts:

The truck can be mounted using either:

  • 4 x M5 non Holy Pro, narrow, skate tuck pattern
  • 2xM6 + 2xM5 for Holy Pro

We have a drill patern online. Just browse to the trucks, desktop website.


Your welcome to re-draw it and make it fit any deck you want…I was just doing a favor for a friend, not developing for a platform.

Alan’s board uses the 4x M5 holes, but the 3D I sent him show the M6 holes. If it fits both hole options and bit more deck length is assumed, it will also fit the Holy Pro.


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Yea. I am using holy pro deck. Cant fit. And i jus found that i cant mount the light due to the vesc casing is placed at same location. Need find another solution to mount the light.

So, I got my 3D print one hour ago, it was printed in XT:

Here is the holder installed:


look nice man~~ good to have a smaller motor mount and did not block the light.

5 minutes later before going outside:

I wanna cry.

We need to make a new base with conical seats in order to be fitted in the conical holes of the trampa deck, I mean these holes:

When you adjust the bolts the base deforms and will eventuattly break.

On the other hand, the distance between holes was larger than the trampa deck, so instead of being 41mm it was 42.5mm that might have contributed to the cracking.

One more thing, the Blitzu lamp should be slided from the top not from the bottom, it will fall as soon as the road transfer the vibrations to the base

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gosh, cracked, maybe can try another direction for printing the mount. (horizontal and vertical line).

I can adjust the mounting holes, I’ll do it tomorrow and send you the revision.

In the files there is a plug for the bottom, you use 2 sheet metal screws to install the plug which holds the blitzu in place.

@Eboosted I updated the model on TV to include the mount holes at 42mm centers. Let me know if you need anything else.

yup, changing orientation should help. using less infill (20-30%) should make the part more flexible as well

@mmaner I really didn’t want to bother you more brother, but I tried to mod it myself without success.

I’d like to do these modifications:

  1. Turn the squared holder 180 degrees in order to fit the light from the top rather than from the bottom

  2. Lower the holder to be placed below the level of the deck, this way it would be less prone to casual kicks and would look better

Ok, it’ll be when I get back from vacation. I’m leaving tomorrow. So a week plus a couple of days.

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No rush man! Thanks a lot! And sorry for being a PIA

No worries, glad to help.